Quick Social and Behavior Lessons

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I am asked to write social and behavior lessons for many students in my school. A lot. Some of these are on my caseload, some are not. I have noticed that the teacher, counselor, and special education teacher are often asking me to write the same lessons over and over for different kids. So I decided it was time to be pro-active and make a HUGE collection of pre-made lessons that are good for many students. And thus… the coloring book idea was created.

Here are the ideas I wanted to incorporate into these lessons:

  1. Social/behavior lessons that can be used for almost every student.
  2. Black and white for quick and easy copying/printing.
  3. Coloring pages so that kids can participate in the lesson.
  4. Uniform looking pages so they can be put together as a book if desired.
  5. Quick lessons that take about one minute to read.
  6. Buy-in from students because it is “their book”.

coloring lessons

Here are the 50 lessons that I put together:

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I really hope you’ll check out this coloring book. I’ve started using them already and love them. Teachers love that these are things that can be kept in one place in their desk for frequent review or send them home for home practice!

If you’d like more information about the SLP and behaviors, check out my social skills products or these  posts:

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  1. Wow – this looks awesome! Can I ask before I buy if any of your stories target using words instead of hitting/getting angry. I have a few who need a story about this and my busy timetable has not allowed me time to make one (I’m just starting out with creating my own worksheets and social stories etc. I admire the work of all you SLP’s/ST’s on TpT – that is my ambition once I figure out what I’m doing! ~ i”m a bit slow when it comes to technology/computer stuff 😉 )

    1. There are lessons about “when I get mad” and “keep hands to self” but not one specifically on the topic you asked about.

  2. I think that “being first in line” should be a mandatory part of every Kindergarten curriculum 🙂

    I can’t tell how many times kids have tripped over each other to get to the first spot in line when leaving my room.

    What about something for teaching kids about accommodations for students with disabilities/sensory issues?

    We have had the talk with kids about how just because “Johnny” needs a wiggle seat doesn’t mean that everyone in the class needs a wiggle seat. Our teachers have had to have that many times with the kids who don’t need accommodations because they get bent out of shape that somebody gets to have something and they don’t.

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