TEach initial /r/ with confidence!


want to Help children learn the /r/ sound, but no one has taught you explicitly how.

have a growing caseload of /r/ clients, but no guidance.

want a system for teaching that tricky articulation sound!

You thought you could figure this out on your own, after all, you have a graduate degree... but it turns out that teaching R is a beast!

After more than 16 years of helping student interns and assistants to teach the /r/ sound, I know you are...

  • Frustrated that students aren’t learning their sound.
  • Confused about what to do next.
  • Wondering how you, as the professional, can get guidance for something they should have taught you in grad school!

I can help you teach the /r/ sound!

introducing "Mastering R", a video and materials based course for slps who want to help their students master initial /r/.

Ten step by step video instructions for the SLP on how to teacher initial /r/.

Ten video lessons for children on how to produce initial /r/.

Practice materials for therapy at home.

"I absolutely love this course! I have tried many different approaches to teaching /r/ with inconsistent results. I have many students working on /r/ this year and they often become discouraged when practicing this sound. My students have really enjoyed watching the videos and ALL of my students have made progress! I appreciate that the videos are straight forward, only a few minutes long, and explained in kid-friendly terms. The practice sheets have mouth/tongue visuals along with visuals for each /r/ word. I highly recommend this course to all SLPs and SLPAs!"
Happy Camper Speech
"I can't say enough great things about this course. It provides a step-by-step process for your students with practice pages that reinforce each step. Several of my more stubborn /r/ clients have made notable progress through this process."

Hi! I'm Cheri Dodge Chin, creator of Mastering r.

I have the longest-running blog in the world for speech therapists just like you who want to help all children. I have spoken at national conferences and been featured multiple times in the ASHA Leader.

I created Mastering R after realizing that my graduate students and SLP assistants had no training in this sound. Although I had no previous systematic approach, I showed them how to help children with tongue placement and then move onto the next steps.

I want you to feel confident that you can can make a difference. I want you to have options for teaching different ways. I want you help students master /r/.

Here is what is included in each of the ten lessons:

Printables for practice in therapy and at home.

A video for the SLP instructing them how to teach that lesson.

A video for the students demonstrating that lesson's techniques.

Join in this multi-media resource for helping with articulation!

you are ready for Mastering R if you::

Have troed other methods of teaching /r/ without consistent success.

Are unsure of how to begin the /r/ process.

Need another way to demonstrate /r/ techniques.

you probably have no need for Mastering R if you:

Are already an /r/ teaching ninja master.

Have no clients working on /r/ sounds.

Frequently asked questions

When does the course begin?

As soon as you sign up! Go through the course at your own pace through this site.

Does this course include continuing education credits?

No. ASHA has strict requirements that continuing education credits can only be obtained through organizations with committees and sub-committees devoted to that purpose. As an individual, I am unable to offer CEUS. That said I believe that the knowledge and confidence that you will gain from this course will far outweigh almost any other course that you might take.

Does this course work on /r/ in medial and final positions?

No, vocalic /r/ is a different beast. At some point, I may develop a course specifically for vocalic /r/, but this course focuses only on initial /r/.

What is the refund policy?

Of course I want you to be happy! There is a 100% money back guarantee if you go through the first two weeks of coursework and still feel like this course does not meet your needs. However, you must request your refund within 14 days of enrollment.

An overview of the program
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