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I help non/minimally speaking children to communicate by empowering their families with tools, training, and a team.

If you have a child who has a severe speech disorder or delay, you know how frustrating communication breakdowns are. You long to know what your child is thinking or what they did that day in school. You want to help them blossom, but you aren’t sure where to begin.

Children who are not always able to clearly express their thoughts, ideas, stories, and questions may require augmentative and alternative communication tools (AAC). The purpose of AAC is to augment your child’s speech to improve communication and language! AAC includes visuals, picture choice boards, picture schedules, communication boards, sign language, message buttons, and tablets with specialized talking language apps.

Your child may have a specialized AAC system (or may need one). They may receive speech therapy and special education services. They may be seen on a regular basis for therapies and appointments.

But where is the training for families? How can you help your child when they are not in school in order to alleviate meltdowns and communicate ideas? How can you support your child’s communication?

it takes a village to build a STRONG communicator.

Through the online consultation process, I can help you to…

  • Implement communication and literacy-enhancing techniques in your daily routines
  • Customize AAC devices
  • Advocate for your child’s education
  • Create a communication, literacy, and child-affirming IEP
  • Brainstorm long-term communication goals and independence for your child and family
  • Build a supportive community of family, educational staff, therapists, and medical providers

Hi! I’m Dr. Cheri Dodge Chin.

I empower families of non/minimally speaking children to communicate with AAC and family support. I’ve worked in public education for 20+ years as a speech-language pathologist and assistive technology consultant. I am a published researcher, adjunct professor, and most importantly – mom.

From my years of experience, I know that communication can be challenging, but it is worth it because every child deserves a voice.


Your child spends more time with you than anyone else, and you know them best. You are your child’s #1 advocate and cheerleader. My goal is to empower you with knowledge, tools, and a team to fully support your child.

expand your knowledge

You will learn effective and research-based ways to enhance your child’s communication (through the way that YOU communicate with them!) and develop literacy skills, regardless of their disability.

I can provide communication, AAC, and emergent literacy trainings for your extended family, neighbors, school team, ABA therapists, and anyone else important in your child’s daily life.

equip your toolbox

Together will we fill up your physical and mental toolbox with visuals, communication tools (such as AAC), books, and materials to share with your child, family, and everyone on your child’s team!

I can help you create visual schedules, program AAC devices, and personalize any system you are using in your family to increase communication.


A collaborative educational, therapy, and medical team is critical to helping your child (and you!). Through our consultative process, we will develop an IEP that everyone is excited to implement.

I will guide you through your rights as the parent of child with special needs and how to create goals and accommodations that enhance their education and independence.

I can also help school and outside therapy providers collaborate to create the best team possible!

No. Consultation services work with families. The purpose of the consultation is to enhance the work that your child is doing with their speech therapist and school. Consultation services are also appropriate as you await speech therapy due to long waiting lists at many clinics. I can work side by side with your child’s speech pathologist so that they can concentrate on 1:1 therapy with your child and I can provide training to you!

You can choose to pre-pay for one hour of service at $250 or three-hours at $500.

No. Consultation services are not paid for by insurance companies.

No. I am a coach and consultant. I do not provide legal advice. I know how much everyone at the IEP table wants your child to succeed. My job is to educate families and excite the entire team to collaborate for your child’s success. I can provide you with advocacy letters, coaching, and support, but do not attend IEP meetings.

As a seasoned speech pathologist, I can help any families who have a child with a communication disorder. It is important to note that many learning disabilities (such as dyslexia) stem from an underlying communication disability. I can help your family and your team!

You can choose to continue consultative services for as long as you wish! Some families only want annual consultation to help them develop an IEP. Other families want support throughout the year!

As a virtual consultant, I can work with anyone in the world! Although I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I am not providing direct speech therapy to your child, so my state licensure is not affected.

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