Does your child struggle with...

using clear and articulate speech sounds

Understanding others

clearly communicating what they want to say

using verbal speech to communicate

using correct grammar

understanding and using age appropriate vocabulary

social communication

I can help!


Dr. Dodge has been providing speech and language therapy to children and their families for over twenty years. She is an Oregon-licensed speech pathologist and member of certified member of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. She has presented nationwide on topics ranging from literacy in speech therapy to augmentative communication for children with complex communication disorders.


  • All-but-dissertation Doctor of Education in P-20 School Leadership (Murray State University) – expected graduation 5/2024
  • Doctor of Clinical Sciences in Speech-Language Pathology (Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions)
  • Master of Sciences in Speech-Language Pathology (University of Rhode Island)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology (Brown University)

specialty trainings:

Speech therapy should be fun!

I keep kids motivated to do their best.

I use games, crafts, and activities in most sessions.

I love to including songs, videos, and stories in therapy.

Therapy sessions are built upon your child's interest!

"My son worked with Cheri for six years. With Cheri's care, instruction, and support, my son's behavior and engagement in school improved tremendously. He learned how to interact with his peers and have meaningful conversations. Most importantly, as the parent of a child with special needs, I knew Cheri loved my kid and would do what was best for him. My son felt that love and thrived through his elementary school years with a champion in his corner. I am so grateful for Cheri and her influence in my son's life and mine as well. She is a truly a super hero!"
S.H. (parent of a child with Autism)
"Dr. Dodge is one of the most brilliant and understanding people we have had the pleasure of working with. She is fast, fun and engaging with the kids, all while crunching numbers and being highly focused on their speech. The speed and accuracy of her skills, all while being extremely present and social with the kids is remarkable."
S.M. (parent of a child with speech sound disorders)

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Frequently asked questions

what locations do you serve?

In-person services are in your home in outer SE Portland or Happy Valley area. For teletherapy, I serve the entire state of Oregon.

do you have a clinic location?

At this time, I do not have a clinic. All services are provided in your home or via teletherapy.

when are your service times?

I understand and fully support that your child should NOT miss school in order to get speech therapy sessions. Therapy sessions are therefore scheduled during evening hours (4:30-7:30pm), Saturdays, or during school holidays.

do you offer standardized testing?

As a field, speech-language pathologists are moving away from standardized testing to definitively define speech and language disorders. There is increasing evidence that speech/language samples, response to intervention, dynamic assessment and narratives can provide more information about a child's skills. As a result, I do NOT offer norms-based standardized testing. All evaluations that I complete with your child will be written as comprehensive descriptions of your child's skills, including strengths and weaknesses. These may or may not be considered by a school or medical team when making educational or medical diagnoses.

do you accept insurance?

No. I accept cash, checks, or electronic payments, such as Venmo, when services are scheduled. Rates are $100 per session (50 minutes of teletherapy OR 45 minutes of in-person therapy to allow for travel). Evaluation rates are based on the time spent with the child AND the evaluation writing time.

what is your cancelation policy?

Cancelations must be communicated 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel with sufficient notification will result in a $20 cancelation fee that must be paid before any additional sessions. Exceptions for emergencies will be made at my discretion.

Can we just "try it out" for a session?

Of course! It is extremely important for us to get to know each other a little and decide if we would work well together. I provide a free 30-minute teletherapy consultation meeting to everyone interested in services. Please email me at so we can set up our consultation.