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December Lesson Plans

I’m trying out a new style of lesson planning involving links back to all activities and visuals to remind myself (and my assistant) what we are working on each session.

I created 3 levels of lesson plans. These correspond with my leveled Homework and are approximately equivalent to:

Level 1 (Kindergarten/1st grade)
Level 2 (2nd/3rd grade)
Level 3 (4th/5th grade)

In addition, I have left the right column intentionally blank (for now) because I will hand write in the individual goals. For example, during the first session of a Level 1 group, I may want Johnny to specifically work on “identifying colors”, whereas Sam may be working on the sentence frame “I see….” I will write both into the right column.

Some of these ideas are based on my own products, and some to the freebies/products of others. Take the ideas that you like and leave the rest.

Download these FREE here.

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