Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

Getting ready to go back to school?? Me too. I am excited about seeing the students. But, oh, the paperwork sure gets overwhelming quickly!  I think I could safely say that 40% of my job is paperwork. And from what I understand, that may be more for health-care based SLPs. Fortunately, I tend to be pretty good at paperwork. Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy it.

Start your year off right this year (and get your general education teachers in a habit of providing quick and painless input for IEPs) with these awesome Common Core Teacher Input Forms for IEPs!

Screenshot 2015-07-30 10.44.06

I developed an input form for teachers to give present levels of performance including strengths, concerns, current academic levels and test scores. Included are fillable pdfs so the general education teacher can type directly into the form and email it back!

Here is the “Teacher Input Form” that I email to each teacher about 2 weeks before an IEP. They can type scores, strengths/weaknesses, and concerns straight into the form and email it back to me!

Screenshot 2015-06-17 17.45.47

Here is what sample student Johnny’s form looks like after the teacher has completed it. Screenshot 2015-06-17 17.45.52

And I also email the teacher a one page (quick and easy!!) form that goes over many of the Common Core Standards for that grade level. I chose these standards specifically because they can easily be developed into fabulous, measurable speech/language goals.

Screenshot 2015-06-17 17.45.57

The teacher just clicks on the boxes that are appropriate for that student and emails it back to me. Screenshot 2015-06-17 17.46.03

Poof! Painless for the teacher and sooooo helpful for me! I use the teacher’s input to write out the IEP present levels and develop new goals for next year! Buy your copy of these K-12 forms here!

Hope these help with your paperwork woes! I wish I could eliminate them all for you!

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  1. Another one added to my wishlist 🙂 Looks great!!!! Love your materials! Thanks for creating this.

  2. Than for this! I this the field has been rated within the top 12 in previous years. I always kind of laugh, and think WHAT!!!!! While the job market is great, I do agree with you the paperwork is ridiculous. I find I spend most of my time doing paperwork rather then doing therapy they way I would like to. I also find it funny, when people think we have an “easy” job! I too, and good at paperwork, but I really feel like the majority of my job is just that and only that Paperwork! Yuck!

  3. I hear that all the time from the speech people I know–PAPERWORK! Oy, how awful. They should hire secretaries just for the special ed departments because it’s unbelievable what is expected.

  4. Julianne Sommer says:

    I love the idea of a common core input form for teachers. I definitely agree that it would make my life easier when it comes to IEP times and determining the standards that I need to associate with the goal. I believe that this is a great download!

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