Learning the states

Previous years (when we were popular) we participated in my beloved adoption bulletin board holiday card exchange. We sent and received cards from families all over the country.

It was so much fun.

Alas, finances and blogging obsessions have kept us from participating this year, but I still wanted to share the teaching opportunities that were born from the exchange.

Every single holiday card we received was tracked from original state. The Flash placed a star on the state. Pretty soon, he had memorized where numerous “popular” states were.

It was fun for the entire family to watch our wall fill with cards, and our map fill with stars.

I will not share with you the 10 cards we have received this year, as our map looks lonely and pathetic. If anyone has extra holiday cards and wants to send them our way…we’d be glad to put up a star on your home state!

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  1. I loved geography. Mu husband can’t understand how I seem to know where all of the states are or countries throughout DOESN’T know. I just hope I can pass that gene along to my son!

  2. I love this idea…..I find myself saying that a lot on your blog!!

    Email me your address….I will send you one…I finally got them written out and sent today, but I have a few extras!!

    Happy Holidays!


  3. What a great idea! We will have to do that next year! Could I send you an e-card? Would that count??

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. That is such a neat idea! I think that people either hate that I always send my cards out late or they aren’t sending cards this year because so far we have only received 3.

    Send me your address if you want a card from a popular state. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Do I count since I myself was adopted? If so, email me and send me your address – and you can have yet another card from TX. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We love the map placemats as a way to learn states – except the boys usually want one to read and one to use, which gets crowded.

  6. You have the absolute neatest ideas!

  7. You have the absolute neatest ideas!

  8. You need a card from Utah!
    What a cool idea this is.
    I love your line about “when we were popular” — I can relate.

  9. De-lurking here to say I have plenty of cards this year. If you want one from NJ I would be happy to send one along ๐Ÿ™‚

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