Ode to a Mixer


Oh Kitchenaid I love you, you’re the best
My mixer certainly passed the test.
40 years old, it made cookies so sweet,
With this old machine, daily a treat.

Then tragic event, I dropped the glass bowl
They said “No replacement for it’s soul”.
So to ebay I went for a replacement
Shocked that at $100 they went.

For 9 months I lived without power
At Christmas I got a check shower
To Craigslist I went with cash in hand
And learned “gently used” is in high demand!

I scored on my “new” machine of fun
And brought it home for its trial run
Only to learn the bowl, shiny and sleek
Actually fit on my grandma’s antique.

So now I question what to do
Cause working Kitchen Aids, I do have two.
One vintage, heirloom, and with no book
One sleek, like-new, and with a bread hook.


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  1. I have a hamilton beach that’s from the 60’s!! I’ve actually seen a mixer just like mine in an antiques store. . .for a lot more than I gave. (I inherited mine when my “adopted” grandma died.)

  2. Love it!

    Great post and beautiful old mixer! Such a difficult decision…i love my new one, but an old one would look so nice in my farmhouse kitchen…
    Keep both!!

  3. Ohhh, the dilemma! Too bad the new one didn’t come with a second bowl ~ then you could make TWICE as many cookies! Or a cake and cookies AT THE SAME TIME. Ugh, can you imagine the havoc that could wreak on the waistline?! Maybe it’s a good thing you only have one mixing bowl…

    Maybe you could stick a pretty potted plant in the antique one.

    Great poem!

  4. oh cute was that? pretty darn cute I say!

  5. If that bowl works on your old one maybe you could order a replacement for the new one and sell it on Craig’s List.

  6. The old, trusty KitchenAid! I have YET to get one of those, mine is an el-cheapo model (that I swear at each time I use it)!

  7. I don’t have one. LOL! You never know when you might need two though. And I love how you shared your post this week. Again, so talented with the rhyming and the pics!

  8. How clever! I have always wanted one, but as I rarely cook/bake ANYTHING I can’t really justify the cost.

  9. Aren’t you clever! Have fun mixing it up with your new mixer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. CC ~ You have got to be KIDDING me! Buy a replacement bowl for the “newer” one and then sell it on e-bay. No way, no how should you say goodbye to Old Faithful.

  11. You can never had too many Kitchen Aids!

  12. You are a poet.
    Did you know it?

  13. That was brilliant! LOVED IT!

  14. This is hilarious! But, what is a girl to do?

  15. LOL – very creative! Glad you found what you were looking for :).

  16. two! sweet! and I have never used my bread hook…now I want to use it!

  17. Ah! I LOVE my kitchen Aid mixer and have used all my attachments! Great rhyming too!

  18. this is very funny…

    sounds heart breaking.. :lOl:

  19. I LOVE my mixer and can’t imagine living without it.

  20. How clever are you;) I gotta say, that new mixer looks like it kicks a$$!

  21. I love my KitchenAid mixer! And the vintage one is so cool. I would keep both. You never know…

  22. i love that!! HAHA!! that antique kitchenaid looks so pretty!! i love things that have been loved ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Two mixers are never a bad idea. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love mine!

  24. The vintage one is HAWT! I got one of those newer dealies as a wedding gift… where is that thing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. How funny! I didn’t know you were a poet.

    Also interesting – I have my Grandma’s old mixer too! It’s a Kenwood Chef, and I dread the day it may need repairs. I already know how expensive it will be.

  26. I just got my KitchenAid mixer this Christmas, and I love it! I can’t believe you have a vintage one…that is awesome! Loved your poem.

  27. This speaks to me.

    I have a kitchen aid blender but haven’t plucked up the courage to splash the cash on the mixer.

    Regrets? I’ve had a few, just this one to mention.

  28. Oh, that was great! I love the pictures and the poem is pertect!

    And, I say you find a new home for one of them…say somebody that has a pathetic hand mixer only (that barely works) and is also a teacher…that can’t afford a new one.

    I’m just saying.

  29. cute post!! I wonder if you could find a replacement bowl at a goodwill store… =P

  30. I love odes to inanimate objects. I once wrote one to my Blackberry. Very nice!

  31. LoL! I love my kitchenaide! I’d keep the vintage one. ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. That cracked me up! My Oster took a final breath recently and to fix/replace parts was more than a new hand held mixer. Sigh.

  33. Use the old one ’til the breaks down, and keep the new one for a spare!

  34. Two mixers = twice as many cookies so you keep both sista! You had me rolling! ๐Ÿ˜€

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