Making a Compass

The Journal of a crazy mama:

One month prior: Get notice from school regarding science fair. Excitedly tell geeky husband he needs to do this event with The Flash.

Three weeks prior: Sign Professor X and The Flash up for Science Fair. Write brief description of the compass they will present.

Two weeks prior: Nudge Professor X and The Flash to get going with their project.

One week prior: Again tell Professor X and The Flash to do the project.

Four days prior: At last! Professor X and The Flash make the compass.

Two days prior: Ask Professor X and The Flash to re-create all the steps involved and take pictures. Stay up too late making a photoshop collage of the steps.

One day prior: Order over-priced 8.5×11 inch photos of the collage with one hour photo processing. Cringe at the price as anything over $1 is too much for me.

Day of event: Professor X asks front office what time event takes place (since none of the posters or sign up sheets actually say the starting time). Told 5pm.

Super Woman is her own work conferences until 8pm and cannot attend.

After school, Professor X hurriedly feeds the kids and rushes them off to the event.

Arrives at 5:10pm to an empty school. No event. Grumpily packs the project back up and goes home.

No science fair for this family.*

Day after event: The Flash shares his project with his Kindergarten class. Somebody better benefit from these over-priced photos!

5 days after event: Super Woman shares the science project with the world on her blog. Have fun compass making!

Compass project 1

Compass project 2

*It turns out the event started at 6pm and the office had the wrong time! You don’t want to see the nasty emails I sent out about that one!

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  1. Great compass. Silly office.
    But now the project is done for next year!

  2. He was ROBBED! By an office worker who wanted her child to win, so she changed the start time.

    (I mean, maybe. Even though I don’t know the office worker. Or if she even has a child.)

  3. Grrrrrrrr … I’m upset they didn’t get to attend the Science Fair after all that work, and I’m not even a member of your family! Oh, I can only imagine the e-mails! So sorry that happened. VERY COOL project, by the way!

  4. Cool!…and now I’m going to do this with my kids and forward this to all my homeschooly pals so they can do this too. The project was not a waste, but a far-reaching success!!

  5. OH NO!!! That is horrible. All that work! BAH!
    Well, it is a fabulous compass, nonetheless. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. How fun, a compass!
    Thanks for sharing!! :o) Sorry about the Science Fair.

  7. Oh, that is SO sucky that they messed up the time! The Flash had SUCH a cool project!! Thanks for sharing it with the world.

  8. *Ahem* We did that project at least 2 weeks (probably closer to 4) before the science fair. Certainly long enough ahead of time for the thumbtack to rust before we reassembled it for the pictures. (I spent an hour or so Photoshopping the rust out of the photos so that they wouldn’t marr the presentation poster.)

  9. Oh my goodness, how frustrating!
    But that’s really an awesome compass. I bet the Flash was proud!

  10. Just last night we completely missed my daughter’s first (and last for the year) honor choir concert because one of the other moms told me it was at a different school. I asked if she was sure and she said she was (and I’m scatter brained and didn’t get a second opinion) so we went clear to the other side of town. By the time we realized our mistake and made it back her choir had just finished their last song.

    Luckily for this other mom I believe in forgiveness.

  11. Oh that is just nasty, I would have been ticked!!
    Great job on explaining the project, my boys would love to try that I am sure!!

  12. What a great project -I bet AJ would love it -altho he might be a little young… I would be SO mad at the school!

  13. That compass is very clever.

    In answer to your question: I would write out the verse on a card. Stick it on my mirror and would repeat it out loud over and over while putting on my make up and such until I can do it by heart. I add a new one and still review the week’s previous one.

  14. I’ve done both of these – 1. used scripture that spoke to my heart or 2. used suggested scripture from a program. They sell memorize scripture cards at Christian book stores.

    I hope this was helpful. Thank you for asking.

  15. Postal does not even begin to explain what my reaction would have been.

    Having said that — I really dig the project!

  16. Great story.. And if my cakes get you… then good luck!

    Plus can I share my connect your email to blogger comments tutorial?

    It’s in my left sidebar under bloggy tutes!

    I had no idea who CC was!!

  17. Oh my blog! Professor x is calling you a liar!!!

    BTW, I DO want to see the nasty email, strike! I want the email address so that I can engage in the nastiness. Punks!

  18. I’m wiht Tonggu Momma…it was a conspiracy so the office worker’s child would win. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Fabulous project & I bet his Kindy class enjoyed it.

    I’m adding this to my list of science projects to do with C next year for Kindy!!

  19. Great Compass and Huge Effort. I’m so sorry they screwed up the time. Would’ve been nice for them to get to display their compass at the event it was made for.

  20. Sorry the science fair didn’t work out…but the compass is very cool! I’ll be linking!

  21. That’s just plain wrong . . .

    But, that is a mighty cool project!

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