How to transform my pathetic year into glittery goo.

As much as I’d love to create a sappy, woe-is-me post, I’ve decided to stick my chin up, put on a fake smile, and throw glitter obnoxiously around until everything looks pretty. Cuz I really like sparkles.

Goo: Professor X had a $70,000 surgery that led to no pain relief and increased pain for several months following the surgery as he recovered.
Glittery goo: We had a $100 co-pay for a medical procedure that cost 7000x that much! And he now has some cool scars that make him look “dangerous”. 😉

Goo: I lost 11 hours/week of assistant time (over 50%) at work.
Glittery goo: I now have a great excuse as to why I don’t have time to Medicaid bill!

Goo: The kids minds rotted substantially on screen time.
Glittery goo: I had much more time to read and listen to audio books!

Goo: My couponing endeavors have gone kaput since the airing of that ridiculous show “Extreme Couponing” and the frenzy it created. I can no longer collect items for our holiday boxes for needy families or give away freebies to co-workers.
Glittery goo: I spend less time at stores and arguing with cashiers.

Goo: I have daily Kindergarten lunch/cafeteria duty… Something I’ve avoided for 9 years.
Glittery goo: I’ve actually bonded with some of these kiddos. Even ones that I will never service for therapy.

Goo: I have been publicly criticized by co-workers and parents for things I felt were completely unjustified.
Glittery goo: My new principal has been awesome at helping quell these storms and decrease tension.

Goo: The education system budget cuts have devastated our ability to adequately provide assistants and services to kids that really need more help.
Glittery goo: I get to run around the school with my super powered “siren hat” putting out kid fires instead of actually doing therapy.

Goo: Professor X has had no improvements and is doing quite badly.
Glittery goo: He has applied for Social Security Disability and in a mere 36-96 months may get some money to help pay for all the things that would help him (and the family)!

Well, there you have it. The end of a cruddy year (almost). I look forward to even more crud next year as the school budget decreases even more (!!), parents and co-workers become even more upset, and Professor X gets even more frustrated at his constant pain.

The end. Poof! (and I vanish into sparkly fairy dust)


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  1. Wishing and praying for you a year filled with unexpected surprises and blessings, my friend. Keep seeking out the sparkles!

  2. What a lot of goo! I pray it’s almost all glitter next year… tell the Professor we are praying for him.

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