Calendars: Super Style

We are living in a Web 2.0 world, and I am a Web 2.0 girl.

Gone are my gorgeous Ansel Adams calendars.

Here to stay? My on-line calendar!

I started using googlecalendar earlier this year and now I’m hooked.

Since Professor X and I are both more likely to look at our computer screen than a picture calendar, this suits us well.

Plus, I can coordinate my schedule at work with that at home.

Some tips to make calendar life easier:

  • Color-coordinate each person in the family’s activities.
  • Use “repeat” options so repeated activities only need to be typed in once (such as days of vacation or weekly lessons)
  • Periodically print out 3 months of calendars at a time and hang them on a large bulletin board. It is much easier to visualize future events when they are all staring at you. Plus, beginning of the month activities are not forgotten.

Please note Super Woman’s new rockin’ cape thanks to Marvel Girl

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  1. I have an online calendar too, but it’s software I downloaded. Which means whenever my harddrive gets wiped out (which happened twice this summer), I can re-install the program, but everything I’ve marked on the calendar is gone. Which makes it a little useless. This makes much more sense. Thanks for the tip!

  2. PS. Oops, what I have is a computer calendar, not an online calendar!

  3. i forgot about google calendar. i signed up and then never did anything. I think I am going to start using it again.

  4. You are oh-so-very organized. I’m so jealous! Great ideas and cute pics!

  5. I do need to get a better calendaring system. Thanks for the suggestion :0)

    There is an award for you over at 4-frogs. Scroll down below SEW/WW.

  6. Ok – I had no idea Google had such a thing. THIS is what I’ve been needing!!

    You ROCK! Thank you!

  7. I have my calendar on my phone and it syncs up with the computer….I would be lost without it!

    Yes, gone are the days of the hanging calendars:)

  8. I love Google calendar, but it NEVER occurred to me to print it out! You DO have super powers!!!

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