Be it resolved…

Be it resolved, that daylight savings time changes should be abolished by the Federal Government.

Please excuse me as I travel back in time to my high school debate days. Like then, I will use arguments of experience, rather than logic. I will use questionable sources , and then report them in such a way that I find advantageous. I will probably talk in circles. But that’s okay, because I will do it with flair and finesse, and will probably win. 😉

Like most other Americans, I experienced the time shift of returning to “standard time” yesterday morning. Although some may argue that “fall back” is a miracle because it allows for an additional hour of sleep, I have found that switching my clocks twice per year is annoying, painful, and sometimes dangerous.

Please read through the following “arguments” like a true debater. Stating, “subpoint A….”

A. “Fall back” allows for one extra hour of sleep, only to be made up by one more torturous lost hour during “spring forward”.

B. Daylight savings makes calculating the time difference between where I live and the rest of the world difficult, if not impossible. When Professor X used to call his parents overseas, he was forever waking them up from sleep because he was off by an hour.

C. Warm (and therefore awesome) states already know the evil that is daylight savings and have stuck their hot tongues at the rest of the country. Yeah Hawaii and Arizona!

D. Shifting the clocks necessarily means that most people are late/early to work, school, church, and appointments on at least one day. Often more.

E. Changing the time means that I have to actually change all the clocks in the house. Come on people. Don’t you know how lazy I am?

F. Traffic fatalities increase after time switches (due to lack of sleep or increase darkness in the afternoon).

G. Clock shifts correlate with economic downturns, including falling Stock exchange prices.

As much as I love my extra hour of sleep, it is not worth the price that we must pay. As our government administration shifts, I hope this will be one of the first issues addressed. Because, come on, there isn’t anything else going on right now of importance….. I strongly believe that daylight savings time changes should be abolished by the federal government.

Addendum: after driving home from work in the dark and rain at 5:00, I have decided that we need to permanently make DST our ” always ” time and then stop messing with the clock.

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  1. Every year around this time I’d really like to give old Ben Franklin a good talking to.

  2. A lot of people are having a problem with the time shift.

  3. I always love it in the fall and hate it in the spring. So I’ll go along with you…

  4. thanks for the heads up on your post….I loved it…and yes I loved living in AZ….I got spoiled with never having to turn the clock back..the only sucky part….half the year you are on pacific time…and half the year on mountain…that gets hard trying to explain….

  5. I am so with you. We should really find out who we can send this too, maybe us moms could get it changed.

  6. Perfectly said! I hate this time of year… is depressing to be driving home from work in the dark….ugh:(

  7. I don’t like the early dark either. Makes me want to get in my jammies even earlier than I normally do.

  8. Changing clocks? So silly. I’m glad to be an Arizonan.

  9. Might I add, it freaks my kids out and the early evening breakdowns are now happening at 3:30…and they were in bed asleep by 7PM. Meaning they will be up at 5:30 AM!

    I am so with you!

  10. I always find it hard to adjust to “daylight savings”, as we call it here, although I do appreciate having more daylight hours in the summer evenings during the Christmas holidays.

  11. basically daylight saving SUCKS for anyone with kids, because it just STUFFS things up! we have just gone ONTO DST (it’s spring!) but it was earlier this year – SEPTEMBER and we don’t switch back until APRIL!!!

    it makes keeping up with my american blog friends MOST difficult, esp. when i want to compete in online challenges. working out the time difference makes my head hurt lol

    thanks for stopping by!

  12. Rhonda & Clark says:

    I’d like to add another reason to your list. For decades, candy manufacturers lobbied for a Daylight Saving Time extension to Halloween, as many of the young trick-or-treaters gathering candy are not allowed out after dark, and thus an added hour of light means a big holiday treat for the candy industry.

    I guess if you are having trouble adjusting to the time change you are to grab a snickers. 🙂

  13. I agree. I think it’s a bit silly that we spend only 4 months of the year in “standard” time. It’s not really STANDARD then, is it?! There is actually at least one province here in Canada that doesn’t switch and for years everyone (including myself!!) made fun of them for being backwards, but I’m beginning to wonder if they’ve maybe had the right idea all along!

  14. You know, I don’t really mind the time change — falling back puts me in winter mode, and springing forward charges me up for the summer, but I have to admit, the first day driving home from work, following the switch back to standard time (today) is a little depressing. I don’t like going to work AND coming home, in the dark.
    Besides, after the alterations to the time last year, we added another month to Daylight Saving Time — Standard time is down to like four and a half months.
    It’s becoming irrelevant.
    So, I say, run with this proposal — it’s crazy, but it just…might…work

  15. amen too.

    I hate Fall back, I like that extra hour of sleep don’t get me wrong, but I hate hate hate turning on the lights at 5PM. Hate.


  16. I personally don’t mind the change, but agree whole-heartedly with all your points. I think it’s a silly thing overall, and support your movement to abolish it!

  17. SERIOUSLY!!! The darkness is killer! And, when your kids don’t follow the “extra hour” I feel even more tired!!

  18. My team has been off since the time change…I don’t like it!

  19. Here, here!

    Or is it Hear, hear!

    I never know. Either way, I’m on board.

  20. LOL! I think switching the clock is ridiculous. I think we should pick one time and stick with it. 🙂

  21. I am pretty much convinced that whoever dreamed up Daylight Savings Time didn’t have young children!

  22. Amen to that sistah! I am sooo tired of having to deal with cranky kids that don’t get the whole idea of a time change. It always takes us a good week to adjust. I also hate that our clocks end up never telling the same time and messing with them seems to make it worse.

  23. Oh yez!!! I am so with you on this. I hate the time change both ways and wish we’d just keep the time the same years round the way they do in Arizona.
    Hugs and blessings,

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