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Back to school- Super style!

It’s started!

Although I’ve had super characters in my room for years, I’m going all out this year.

My walls are covered in super heroes from my Super Start to Speech posters. sink

speech is super

I’ve written my letters to parents with Super Hero theme (letter can be found in this packet).


I’ve summarized Super Speech Student profiles and handed out to all the teachers {FREEBIE here}.student profile screen shot

I’ve rearranged the furniture and cleared out more clutter (BTW: yes, I am aware that I am the luckiest SLP EVER since I have both windows and a sink in my room!).


I’ve got a new super apron for all the papers and pens that I have to carry around and it is looking good (made by my favorite apron maker)!



And my super planner really IS helping me be more organized this year! I’m writing to-do lists, the steps I’ve taken, and even my “bible verse of the day” right on the weekly pages! I even designed a cover to the planner and added family pics (cover can uploaded here if you’ve already purchased the planner).

super planner super planner cover

I’ve even met with my new student intern and was organized enough to remember that I had pre-created Student Teacher expectations (of course, I didn’t remember to print them until AFTER she had shown up….)!

How is YOUR school year shaping up to be? Super?

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 5.49.25 PM

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  1. I was in awe of your sink, and then I saw your windows & thought, ‘A sink AND windows???” And then you commented about how lucky you are! 🙂
    Looks great!

    1. I love your windows!! I wish I had those. Your theme is so great and will be a hit for many years in a row. Love your apron. I need to find some fabric to cover my bookshelves and maybe get my gma to make me an apron too!

  2. Wow!well done!

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