Freezer list

Last year we finally bought a chest freezer.  There are some difficulties: it is outside under our carport (we have no basement or garage), it is padlocked (to make sure no one runs off with our food) and I always forget the combination, it is connected to an outlet via an extension cord (because we don’t know how to switch the outlet right next to it to normal voltage). In spite of its difficulties, it has been wonderful to have and store extra food that we find on sale.

Because it is outside, we like to know exactly what is in there before “freezer diving” into it.  So I created a running list on a white board.  I realize it isn’t the prettiest thing, but it has worked well for us and helps us know when we are running low on items or what I need if I’m throwing together a last minute meal.

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  1. The date is a good idea. I never write the date and then wonder exactly how long that meat has been there. Was it 2006 or 2007?

    Anyway, I highlighted you today over at my blog. Thanks for sharing all your wisdom for us moms who need suggestion with speech, etc… This has been great!!

    I hope many more come over and benefit as I have.t

  2. I SO need to do this with my freezers!! I have two and NEVER know what’s below the top layer. I guess I’ll need to clean them out one of these days then, too…. Nuts.

  3. Brilliant! I am constantly going through my freezer to see what is in it, thanks for the great tip!!!

  4. I’m surprised to hear that your freezer is outside. I so want to get one, but have no where to put it. Good thinking on the list.

  5. That is a great idea! I wish I could be so organized. I would be freezer diving all the time.

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