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In honor of the Baby Sign Language class I am going to start teaching at the end of the month (if more people sign up!!!), this month’s Wordless Wednesday is devoted to that topic. See posts from 2 weeks ago and last week about WHY to sign with your child and THE TIMING of signing with them.

What an invaluable tool for improving communication, fostering relationships between child and caretaker, and improving neurological connections in the language center of the brain (sorry if I just got a little geekish there!).

Some of the language benefits of sign from Babies and Sign Language

  • Increases the speed of language development
  • Reinforces verbal language when words are spoken and signed at the same time
  • Promotes language learning through concepts (for example “b-a-l” sounds have no meaning until you give those sounds meaning. Whereas the sign for ball visually demonstrates the shape of a ball and helps to provide the concepts for the word)
  • Increases vocabulary
  • Promotes early use of complex sentences (for example it is very natural to begin combining “more” and “food” and may help the child to start combining words much earlier than he/she would have with verbal words).

Yes, I took that picture. No it has nothing to do with the post. I just needed a place to show off some pictures I’ve taken recently. 🙂

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  1. We signed with the Tongginator — and yes, it was wonderful.

    Especially considering she switched languages at 12 months. We saw no delay at all, and she was speaking in complete sentences before two. Now – they kind of resembled obnoxious demands – “eat now!” … “get down, walk!” and “what (meaning where) daddy? Not you!” But, you can’t have everything! LOL.

    I’m glad you’re sharing all of this info with others! Signing is great!

  2. I hope you are going to post some tips on the best way to introduce the signs. I am just not sure where to start with Eliza. I sign Mommy, Daddy, Milk and More so far.

  3. My SIL took her twin girls to a baby sign class and they all really loved it and definitely used what they learned.

  4. YOu are really convincing me to do this it sounds so great!

  5. SIL used sign with her boys and it really did help their development. We plan to use it when we (praying) having kids.

    Lovely pic of the flowers. What are they?

  6. I did some sign with my son. He really got more and used t all the time. My poor little girl gets the raw end of everything has learned not one. Poor thing

  7. I LOVE signing with my 2.5 yo son! We always use a few signs with our babies but have ended up going a little further with him since he is still not speaking. We are finding that he will more likely try to speak a new word if we have taught him the sign for it! I’d love to learn more!
    Thanks for the resources on baby sign language!

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