Need reminders?

Edited: I read that the google docs were not working for some. I have changed the link. Please let me know if you can open the google docs to download these visuals.

Do you know a child who needs frequent reminders for transitions?

Ha! Ha! That was a rhetorical question!

After repeatedly asking teachers to use visuals with my students with auditory processing difficulties, I realized that they too needed reminders. Visual reminders. So I gave up and made the reminders myself.

These are easy enough just to write down on file cards and hold up when needed, but I decided to get all colored and fancy.

So, I’ve decided to share with you as well. Cuz I’m nice like that.

You can use these any way, but I suggest laminating and then placing on a ring for easy flipping. Use before transitioning to a new activity within the classroom/home and (this one is key) when transitioning from the playground to lining up.

Hope these printables are helpful!

10 minutes
5 minutes
1 minute
Time is up

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  1. Great idea!
    I give therapy to kids with Autism, visuals are key!

  2. My Aunt taught in pre-school years ago, before autism and other such disorders/conditions were widely known. She developed a system like this to help those children who had trouble transitioning from one activity to another and it really worked. It’s good to know she was on the right track, as many people told her those students were just ‘naughty kids’ who ‘needed a good spanking’.

  3. Okay, please tell me why I’ve never thought of this before. I love it! I work with kids on the autism spectrum and use visual timers, verbal reminders, etc, *all the time*…but this is such a wonderful, low-tech way to make transitions visual. Awesome 🙂


    P.S. Love your blog. Putting it in the resources section of Child Talk right now!

  4. As a retired educator I know first hand how helpful visuals can be.

    Great info sweetie!!!

    Have a fantastically blessed day!!! :o)

  5. Love this simple idea! I’ve taught students with ED for about 15 yrs. and while I realize that visuals are important, this idea never occured to me! Guess I need visuals, too! I’m your newest follower!

    Teaching Special Kids

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