Where’s the Kleenex? My princess has arrived.

Do you remember my little princess? My gorgeous student who recently received a FM system to help her hear better in the classroom. If you don’t remember, go back and read this story. Trust me. It will be worth it.

I was walking down the school hall a few weeks ago and paused to admire the walls. They were filled with students’ writings and photos of their favorite body parts. Students at this grade level complete the assignment every fall. I’ve laughed when students, who can’t seem to will their voices to turn off, choose their “mouth” as their favorite body part. I’ve smiled when a student, who taught himself tap-dancing for the talent show, chose his “feet” as his favorite part. Most people choose their hands or their eyes for their obvious usefulness and beauty.

But this year as I walked through the hall, I halted suddenly. And I almost cried. Right there. In the middle of the hall.

This is what I saw:

“My Little Ears
The best part of me is my ears. I like my ears because I get to choose and wear different earrings. I like the way my ears are shaped. I like the way the sun feels when it shines down on my ears. I like my ears.”

Can someone hand me a hanky please? I’m starting to weep again.

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  1. Ohhhh… ohhh… now that is a MOMENT. And, no, I didn’t need to re-read. I remember your little princess. Who could forget?

  2. That was so neat.
    I understand your tears.

  3. That is absolutely precious!!!!

    And thank you for directing me to your other post. Wow.

    Have I told you lately that you are a hero? SERIOUSLY! You are an angel!!!

    I lub you. 🙂

  4. In response to your comment on my post:

    YES! Blog about it! It is indeed momentous. 🙂

    And thank you for sharing it with me. 🙂

  5. Wow. That is just amazing. Puts things right in perspective, doesn’t it? Perfect PSF!!!

  6. That is beautiful…she doesn’t even see the challenge.

  7. How empowered she must feel now, to love her ears. How affirming for you.

  8. Oh my goodness! That is AWESOME!

  9. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    Oh, that’s wonderful. She wrote that? Very sweet.

  10. Instant tears. I will have to share for sure.
    Cheers to you too. You have obviously a possitive impact on her.

  11. Oh Oh Oh my word. That GOT TO ME!!!!!

    If you ever doubt your worth – let this be proof of what an impact your life is having on others!!


  12. I have a friend that’s a teacher and I often think- I don’t know how she puts up with that stuff, but I imagine moments like this make it all worth while.

  13. Yes, I remember the story. And yes, you’ve made me weepy.

  14. That is wonderful, inspiring post.

  15. so moving.  we could all learn a bit from this adorable little gal…

  16. very moving….puts it all into perspective…doesn’t it….

  17. Oh. I love these stories. Oh. This is truly why we read blogs, huh? To be able to share in these stories. This one is triumph.

  18. That is just fantastic – what an amazing story and a perfect photo to match it.

  19. Touching!
    God Bless the little one!
    Glad you gave us a glimpse.

  20. What a wonderful story! Brought a smile and a bit of hope to me!

  21. I’m a new reader to your blog. Thank you so much for this post, and especially for linking back to the audio files demonstrating hearing loss.
    This is something I’ve worried about. I’ve been told my son may have a mild to moderate loss, and nothing needs to be done. Now I’m thinking that is not appropriate. He is really delayed with his speech.

  22. Oh my, that totally made me tear up! What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing it!

  23. That is the sweetest thing ever!

    Have a good weekend – Kellan

  24. Definitely heart-warming outcome! Thanks for sharing ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  25. Awwww….that is definitely worthy of a kleenex!

  26. Oh, me too! How precious is that?! I absolutely needed no reminder either ~ I very distinctly remember your princess.

  27. still have that hanky? please pass it over here.

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