25+ Progress Report Comments for SLPs

Although I really don’t want to think about progress reports for a few more months, I was completely inspired by this list of Report Card comments. I typically write a few sentences of objective data (“Johnny is producing /s, z/ in initial position with 75% accuracy and medial position with 50% accuracy), and then I like to add something more personal. But I always say the same thing for each student, during each quarter. BORING!

So, I generated 25+ comments for SLPs (or others) to add to progress reports. Feel free to cut and paste. Or give me more ideas to add to this list!

You can access a printable copy of this list in the resource library.

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Blog 25 Progress report comments

Progress: ________________ is…
•     making great progress in speech.
•     continuing to improve.
•     a quick learner.
•     consistently improving in speech and language skills.
•     an amazing worker.

Effort: ________________ is…
•     a very hard speech worker.
•     always tying his/her best at speech.
•     keeping up the great work every day.
•     showing great effort in speech.
•     self-motivated.

Home Practice:  ________________ is…
•     showing good carry-over skills from home to speech.
•     doing a great job with speech homework.
•     working hard at home and school on speech and language.
•     practicing at home and making progress.
•      consistently turning in speech work.

General Compliments:  ________________ is…
•     a wonderful student.
•     kind and helpful at speech.
•     a great listener.
•     a role model for others.
•     artistic and creative.

Gentle suggestions for change:
•     Don’t forget to practice good speech and language every day.
•     Remember to turn in your speech homework.
•     Let me know if you have any questions about speech therapy or homework.
•     Daily speech practice will help with faster progress.
•     Consistent good speech and language is a tool for success.

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  1. This is a nice list, and would work well with my districts program. I will definitely be borrowing your list. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much! These look great!

  3. This is so helpful! I find I’m always saying the same thing as well. I’ll definitely be snagging this list!

    Thank you!

  4. As a parent who reads these reports thoroughly each quarter, I thank you for your efforts to document each tiny step of progress along the way.

    My favorite notes add VERY specific details like: Bobby’s greatest achievement this quarter was independently and appropriately using the 5 word sentence: I want more cookies please!

    Specificity shows me that you are truly paying attention to MY child and not just recycling generic comments that could be applied to anyone.

  5. Thank you so much! This list is perfect. After writing progress report after progress report, my brain gets tired – this will be very helpful!

  6. CC- After seeing this in the summer, I knew I would be coming back to it. Well, guess what day it is?! Come on, guess! You are right, it is hump day…. and PROGRESS REPORT DAY! Thank you so much for writing this. I do personalize my notes, but I get so tired of, “Overall, ___ made progress.” Thank you again!

  7. This is fabulous!! I was stuck in a rut saying the same things, too. Thank you, and I can’t wait to share this link with all the SLPs in my district!

  8. vijaya subramoney says:

    Excellent idea. Useful for us speechies and parents.

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