How do you use it? Paper clips!

I’m joining up with Speech Time Fun today to post about one of my favorite office supplies… Paper clips!!

So… how do I (and how could I) use these cute little, metal devices of usefulness?

how do you use it - backtoschool

1. As a spinner!

Paper clips make an awesome spinner for activities, games, and other spinnery uses.

2014-08-13 11.52.17

2. As a game piece holder!

I had a student teacher once give me the brilliant idea of taking pictures of my students and then using a clip to hold the pieces for game boards. This eliminates fighting over colors and the extremely likely case of the SLP forgetting who is what piece. Since I can’t show you a picture of my students, here is a “pretend student” game piece!

2014-08-13 11.52.31

3. As a data tracking incentive!

Every time a student says a correct sound 10 times, they can add another clip to the chain. See how long you can get the chain by the end of therapy!2014-08-13 11.53.33

4. As a describing device!

Use chains of paper clips to make shapes and designs and then describe them to others to practice good language skills.

2014-08-13 11.54.145. As a receptive language task!

My students beg to count their group’s speech money at the end of each session. They also adore putting the paper clip on the wad, but have the worst time figuring out how to do it! So I developed a little chant, “Loopy, loopy, in between” (try it! it works!). Then the students must follow these directions to figure it out. And by golly, eventually they all do!

speech money

So how else can you use a paperclip for therapy? Check out the linky party here to see others’ ideas!

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