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What does the fox say?

Do you have dreams of being the coolest SLP around?

Do you want to annoy all the adults with whom you have contact (hey, maybe they’ll stop referring so many kids if they are avoiding you!)?

Then I have the PERFECT activity for you!

Screenshot 2013-10-17 19.46.16

 Two days ago my ten-year old son showed me a you-tube video called “The Fox ((What Does the Fox Say?)” that I cannot, for the life of me, get out of my head…. Yesterday, my friend 3000 miles away posted that her 11-year-old son was also singing this song constantly.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/jofNR_WkoCE”]

At that point, I knew this video/song was a pop-culture hit. I needed to take advantage of it!

 So, I created a sentence frame activity to work on synonyms within a fun context! After watching or listening to the song (tip: I advise listening to a SHORT portion of the song!), think of synonyms for the targeted words. Then ask and answer the question, “What does the fox say?”  Screenshot 2013-10-17 19.46.31This quick and engaging sentence frame activity is a free download. It will let kids know that language practice can even be incorporated into viral videos and annoying songs. Download it here.

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  1. This is hilarious! I have never heard the song. I can see how this would get stuck in your head. lol

  2. Love it! I know this song and video are soooo strange and I don’t get it either, but my 11 yr old son is constantly singing the song. We discovered it a few weeks ago and now I hear the song in my sleep! (and on the news and on the Ellen Degeneris Show….) Love how you took a current fad and turned it into a lesson—I do this often in order to keep the interest level high with my middle/hs students and it’s definitely effective! Thanks for the fun freebie 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I love it and cannot wait to try it out with my social skills groups!

  4. I had not heard this song until now. The lyrics are well, speechless. This song is perfect for children as the repetition is perfect. Good work on getting an highly annoying song stuck in my head !

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