Common Core and the SLP -A roundup of great articles

Check out these great articles about how the Common Core affects the SLP

The Common Core: In like a lion, out like a… well, I’m not sure yet because it is still alive and well in my state (and most states as of this writing). Although there are drawbacks to the common core, as you can read about in last week’s post here, it is still an initiative that most educators need to respect and follow.

So how does the SLP wrap his/her mind about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)? I’ve compiled a few articles to help understand the impact of the CCSS on speech and language pathology in the field of education.

What is the Common Core State Standards Initiative?
In this post, I briefly describe the common core and it’s pros and cons from a special educators perspective.

SLPs & Common Core State Standards: Fitting it All Together
Danielle from Sublime Speech gives a thorough outline of what the CCSS is and how it applies to SLPs in this blog post. She also includes many links to additional reference materials.

Common Core State Standards for SLPs
This is a great article written for the SLPs of Georgia about how the common core will affect them. I especially like the description of “The Big 3” for SLPs: Language, Listening & Speaking, and Reading.

SLP 101: Speech Therapy and the Common Core
In this blog post, Speech Room News explains how to use the CCSS as a reference when developing speech goals.

Writing Standards-Based IEPs
This is a great post about how to write IEPs that are based on the CCSS. Nicole uses visuals and outlines different approaches for writing standards-based IEPs.

Resources and References (from
ASHA has developed a list of resources to explore the CCSS, as well as the role of SLPs in the schools.

Common Core State Standards Initiative
If you want to know all of the specific standards, the CCSS website lists every standard for each grade level and gives the reader the ability to sort them by area.

Do you know of any other articles or posts that address this issue? Link to them in the comments!

This month I am doing a series on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Read the other posts in this series here.

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  1. I am happy to see that you are addressing this issue; I agree that following the core standards helps the SLP feel more a part of the education system. It also assures accountability, helps with standardization/objectification of goals and when writing progress reports Also, it, demands that the SLP be more in touch with/involved with what is happening in the classroom. It also offers the students a valid explanation as to WHY he/she is working on a specific task in speech. I plan to read all of your articles on this subject. I also plan to share your info with CESA #12 area SLP’s during our first SLP Program Support meeting in October. Again, thank you! Have a great year:-)

    1. Thanks Kathy!

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