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Marvelous Children’s Book Monday: Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted To Be Noticed

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Trust me, the humor is this book selection choice does not escape my notice. In an effort to maintain my family’s secret identities, however, please refrain from any “revealing” comments. 😉

What is a super talented ninja, who just wants recognition for his skills, to do when he is supposed to be stealthy and unnoticed?

Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted To Be Noticed

Wink comes across this dilemma when trying to demonstrate his superior skills at ninja school. He cannot keep silent during stealth practice. He attracts brightly colored materials and ribbons like glue. He even fights with a panda when his stealth goes unrecognized by his master.

Using torn paper illustrations, this book is beautiful, amusing, and enduring. It is short enough to read and discuss within a speech therapy session, but encompasses enough vocabulary and detail for several therapy sessions discussion.

Speech Therapy Ideas:
1. Practice final /k/ sounds every time “Wink” is mentioned in the text. Remember that /k/ is made with the back of the tongue.

2. Discuss the master’s sayings such as, “Free-flowing water will always find its way.” What does the master mean? How do these sayings apply (or not apply) to Wink?

3. Discuss the grandmother’s sayings such as, “Time spent laughing is time well spent.” What does the grandmother mean? How do these sayings apply (or not apply) to Wink?

4. Explain the similes mentioned in the text: “flying through the air like a glittering cannonball”, “clapped like thunder”.

5. Practice vocabulary: stealth, silence, ninja, perform, flaunt, notice, extend, demonstrate, nimble.

6. Retell the story with (or without) prompts. Who are the main characters? Where does this take place? What is the problem? What happens? How does the story conclude?

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  1. Aidan loves books! I’ll have to see if the library has this one.

  2. I think my boys would love this one. They keep saying they want to take karate so they can be ninjas. 😉

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