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Twas the Night Before Report Cards

Update: This post was originally posted 11/2012. The product described has been completely updated. If you already own it, make sure to download the new vision for FREE!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. 
Twas the night before report cards, and all through the school
All the teachers were missing, ‘cept Super Woman (that ol’ fool)
The grades were all entered into computers with care
With hopes that the crash monster would not go there
The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of teacher work days danced in their heads
And my kids at home with me still at work
Thinking “more screen time” and giving a smirk
When out of the printer there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my cheap chair to see what was the matter
Away to the printer desk I flew like The Flash
Tore out the papers and threw back the stash
The moon out the windows shone brighter than day
And lit up the unit I created to my dismay
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But many pages of lessons, to get me through this year!

Here is a completely updated version of one of my best selling book companions!  I’ve used ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving for years, freshly made into weeks worth of activities!

Screenshot 2015-06-21 19.59.59 Screenshot 2015-06-21 20.00.22 Screenshot 2015-06-21 20.00.30 Screenshot 2015-06-21 20.00.36Screenshot 2015-06-21 19.51.04 Screenshot 2015-06-21 19.51.12 Screenshot 2015-06-21 19.51.22

The only thing this product doesn’t come with is the book about a bunch of school children going on an adventure to a turkey farm (and end up saving their new turkey friends from certain death)! You can easily get the book at your local library or online.
I hope you enjoy this book (and these materials) as much as I do! 🙂 If you love them, please make sure to give me feedback on TpT (and follow me!).

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  1. Totally awesome!! Will have to keep this in mind for next year…our Thanksgiving is in October. 🙂

  2. I love the poem and the book is super cute! I’ve never seen it but will be hunting it down this week! We are doing Turkey Trouble and the kids love! Thanks for sharing your therapy ideas!! I still remember using your Star Wars /s/ sentences from awhile back!!


  3. So many activities for this book! This is great and your poem is super cute.

  4. Deidre Kesler says:

    Wow!! that’s a lot of activities from one 32 page book 🙂 I will be adding this product to my wishlist so I don’t forget about it. Looking at your lesson plan makes me so very glad that I don’t have to write them.

  5. Twas Night Before Christmas is probably one of the most famous Christmas poems out there. Love these materials. Cheers and more power!

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