Reasons to be a School-Based SLP

I just started back from spring break today and have to say that I am TIRED! It is really hard to go from “sleeping in” to 5am wake ups again!

Because it is difficult to come back from breaks, I thought I’d remind myself why I (usually) love what I do:

10. Surrounded by joyful, creative, loving, and enthusiastic kids!

9. Flexibility to have an 8-3:30 schedule and do paperwork at home or stay later and do paperwork at work.

8. Support and co-teaching with other professionals (teachers, OT, PT, Special Education).

7. Not only is being creative , silly , and outrageous acceptable… it is encouraged!

6.  Pulling out scissors, markers, toys, books, and magazines at any moment for impromptu lessons.

5. Having a never-boring , always busy schedule.

4. Creating my own materials and curriculum.

3. Practicing daily with kids that need it.

2. Feeling that I have a real and true impact on the lives of kids because I know exactly what they need (no therapy in isolation for me!)

1. Summer, winter, spring break, and snow days to spend with my own kids!

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  1. We started back today after Spring Break too. I don’t understand how one early morning can undo all of the restfulness I felt all week!

  2. What an encouraing post! I may need to print out this list and hang it up in my classroom! Ha! 😉

  3. I LOVE THIS LIST! As a fellow school based SLP reading this reminds me of why I choose this field and my placement. Excited to go back to work with all new materials to use and fresh attitude (spring breaks are lovely for that!)

  4. It is really hard coming back from time off. But at least you find your job rewarding! That’s a bonus! 😉

  5. Wow,this is really fascinating. I like speech too, except I do speech and debate. Keep up the good work!

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