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Money sure doesn’t grow on trees!

I wish it did!

I did my taxes this week.

And last week I contacted my realtor to say we will not need her services. I just don’t make enough money to afford a move.

I decided that since we can’t move to a better high school area, we’ll to have go the private high school route in a few years. Maybe we’ll even find a school that has financial aid programs. But first I’ve got to get my dear son to SLOW down when he is taking assessments so that he can get decent grades. I swear I’m going to throttle that kid soon! Or make him use the porta-potty that I’m going to have to install because of daily line-up for our one bathroom.

In the mean time, I will watch the flowers start to bloom, admire the buds, and dream about my money tree…. Oh, and give you my Plant Idioms Freebie!

Click on the picture below to get your own set of Idiom cards about Plants (my theme for March)!

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  1. Thanks for all your fun idiom activities!! I love using them! 🙂

  2. Cute idioms.
    Bummer about the move, but hopefully you’ll find a right and affordable fit for your crew.

  3. I want in on that money tree! Sounds divine!
    Most private schools do have scholarships. Our school (it is a parochial school) has a foundation that will even pay for the entire cost of tuition for families that qualify.
    Good luck!

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