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When you are on a roll, it’s hard to stop!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. 

Or… A rolling stone gathers no moss (I’m working on an idiom activity that uses this one!).

I bought the super adorable princess/dragon clip art a while back to use not only in my book unit for The Paper Bag Princess, but also for another favorite contrarian-princess book, The Princess and the Dragon (actually if you click on this link, Amazon clumps them as “Frequently bought together”).

The Princess and the Dragon is about a princess that isn’t very princess-like, and a dragon that isn’t very dragon-like….and they end up switching roles!

So of course this book is awesome not only for comparing and contrasting the two main characters and what others think of them!

I love book units because they incorporate one of the main purposes of school (reading!) with what I am about (speech!). Plus, they work well for so many goals and can easily be the equivalent of one month’s worth of activities!

In this book unit I have included:

Pages 3-9: Vocabulary instructions, 8 card pairs, 4 special cards, Worksheet for home or therapy time, Phrases

Pages 10-14: Antonyms instructions, 8 card pairs, 4 special cards, Worksheet

  Pages 15-19: Synonyms instructions, 8 card pairs, 4 special cards, Worksheet

Pages 20-25: Complex Sentences game board (with a new spinner activity!), 32 Clauses from the story

Pages 26-29: Compare and Contrast instructions, Venn diagram, 2 “What were the characters thinking?” pages

Page 30-34: Story Retelling instructions, blank sequencing cards, Story Comprehension Cube, Story map, Story Retelling Rubric 

  Pages 35-40: Articulation instructions, 4 special cards, 8 /k, g/ cards, 8 /l/ cards, 16 /r/ cards, 8 /s, z/ cards (all easily sortable by color and name of target sound conveniently printed on the sides).

Love it? Consider getting my combo pack of both The Paper Bag Princess and The Princess and the Dragon at a discounted price!

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  1. Love the idea of using this book unit. I am wondering about how many sessions it takes you to get through the unit? I typically see kids two times a week for 20 minutes. If you could give me an idea how you use this in sessions that would be great. Thanks

  2. Hi Jenni, I broke down how I would use a book companion with my groups on this post. Hope that is helpful! One book can last me almost a month!

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