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Letter of the week stories

I use these “stories” every day in circle with my Life Skills students and then carry them into indiviudal therapy by matching/labeling/or identifying the key concept in the story I created.

Rainbow Rabbit Hop, Hop, Hop is working on (insert drum roll) COLORS (insert shocked expression).

I realize these seem really simple, but for my non-verbal students these books, along with a Go Talk 9+ matching the boxed concept, is one of the one ways they can actively participate in circle time.

Yes, I do realize that these are actual shots of my computer screen with my phone camera. But I have a good reason….

I am currently on a loaner computer (which is driving me nuts and I spent over an hour yesterday trying to make Boardmaker work while talking to Customer Service, yet to no avail…) because (I’m really not joking here) my regular computer was invested with ants. For reals. Climbing out of the keys. Hundreds of them.

So… long story short, on this loaner computer I can’t make my normal screen shot work (it takes a screen shot but doesn’t seem to save it anywhere), so I had to improvise.

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  1. Love your homework packs. This activity is cute too! For the screenshot, after you do the print screen function, open word or paint and hit ctrl v or paste

  2. I love your sense of humor with these “letter of the week” stories. I get a kick out of them (which makes my day a little more tolerable at times!) THANKS!

  3. Now girlfriend I’ve heard of computers pickin’ up bugs before but never ever have I heard of ‘ants’!

    Glory girl..how do these things happen to you?

    I can see why this Hoppin’ program would be helpful to your students sweetie.

    God bless and have yourself a great day!

    So did ya call the Geek Squad or the Orkin Man???

  4. OMG! A computer ant attack has to be the worst.

    Dare I say, try setting a cookie about 3 feet away and see if they move on ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hang in there. xo jj

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