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Fit for a Prince or Princess!

Update: This unit has been completely updated since it’s original release. It now contains a variety of multicultural princesses AND princes as well as improved clipart and activities. Plus, get a NEW freebie (click on the image below) as a thank you just for reading this post!

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Although, personally, I am partial to super heroes, I have a number of students that just don’t live and breathe for awesomeness the way that I do.

So, even as I created my Super Social Skills Unit, I was brainstorming ways to engage these other students. And I do not mean girls. I have at least two boys on my caseload who are obsessed with Princesses, Barbies, Ponies and all things pretty. Although I am not into princesses now, I sooo would have adored them as a child if the Princess line had existed then.

And so I created a companion to the Super Social Skills…. Prince and Princess Social Skills.  This unit follows the exact same format as the Super Social Skills and uses the same game cards, however, the illustrations and social stories are different.

Screenshot 2015-05-09 08.51.36Take a look at all the awesome materials you get with this product!!

Screenshot 2015-05-09 08.51.51 Screenshot 2015-05-09 08.52.01 Screenshot 2015-05-09 08.52.13 Screenshot 2015-05-09 08.52.23 Screenshot 2015-05-09 08.52.41 Screenshot 2015-05-09 08.52.53 Screenshot 2015-05-09 08.53.04

Click here to purchase your copy!

Don’t forget to accompany this with Social Homework for a Year (which follows the same social areas).


For a discounted price, you can get the Super and Prince/Princess Social Skills Bundle here:

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