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The Gardener (Speech/Language Book Companion)

I’ve wanted to create a book companion for this book for years. It’s been one of my favorites to read alone or with my older children and I just know that my students will love it as well.

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The Gardener is a Caledcott Honor picture book written all in the form of letters to family members about a little girl named Lydia Grace. She lives during the depression era and must move out of her family home to live with her uncle in the city. While she is there, she makes it her mission to beautiful his home and business, as well as to get him to smile.

And now I am very excited to announce that my book companion is done at last! I can’t wait to add this to my May lesson plans for my level 2 students (grades 2-3)! Take a look at what is inside!Screenshot 2015-04-11 20.22.22

Screenshot 2015-04-10 18.22.31 Screenshot 2015-04-10 18.22.39 Screenshot 2015-04-10 18.22.50 Screenshot 2015-04-10 18.22.59 Screenshot 2015-04-10 18.23.11 Screenshot 2015-04-11 20.21.11

You can get your copy of the book on Amazon or your local library and the book companion here!

Enjoy and happy spring!

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  1. Wonderful companion! Another favorite by Sarah Stewart is The Library. I LOVE that story!

  2. Sparklle SLP says:

    I truly amazed by your products! The detail is incredible! I will surely add this book to my list.

    1. thank you soooo much! You just made my morning!

  3. Karla Templeton says:

    I love all of your book companions! Have you ever thought about doing one for Jan Brett’s Three Little Dassies? I would buy it!!
    Thanks for all of your hard work and creativity! I check your blog almost daily.

    1. Thanks Karla! I’ve never heard of that one, but have another Jan Brett book sitting here waiting for me to make a companion. ๐Ÿ™‚

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