I Spy With My Little Eye…

Something pink!

photo by doeth

Is it an animal?
Does it have a battery?
Is it made of plastic?
Is it rectangular?

Do you know what I spy?

I love playing games like this with my students because it incorporates multiple opportunities for /s/ blends practice, with language concepts of categories, descriptive words, and question asking.

The key to my game is that the child can not say “Is it this?” or randomly name their guesses. For example, if my student said in the above game, “Is it a pig? Is it a watch? Is it a brush?” they would be tarred and feathered. Just kidding. Sorta. The child must practice using as many describing words as possible before they arrive at their final guess.

This game is great at home, in the car, or (heck) browsing the internet.

Wanna play again?

I spy with my little eye….
an animal!

photo by yeimaya

Is it bigger than a person?
Can it fly?
Can it swim?
Is it covered in feathers?
Does it lounge on it’s back?

Do you know what I spy yet?

Okay, you get the idea. Now it’s your turn to spy. Locate something in one of the following pictures and see if I (or another reader) can use our super-powered descriptive skills to deduce what you spy.

photo by vividBreeze

photo by only_alive

photo by numstead

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  1. Great shots… we have played this game so many times in the car on our long trips and the kids and adults take turns… it can be so funny when the little kids do it.

    Fun idea for kids of all ages to practice those descriptive words :)!!

  2. What fun! That’s a great game for all ages. We still play it with our teens when we’re bored in the car.

  3. My kids love this game. We pass time in the car with this game too.

  4. You are so clever with these 🙂 We love playing iSpy with our daughter. She especially loves it while we’re in the car and driving by signs and trees.

  5. I love “I Spy”!! Hubby and I play it almost daily! (Shhh! Don’t tell him I admited that outloud!)

    I love the photos to go with it 🙂

  6. My sister and I always played this game on long car trips and now I play with the kids…..it is one of our favorites!!

    Great pics!!


  7. Boy do we play this game a lot!! Alexis loves this game – as did all my kids!

    Take care, CC – see you – Kellan

  8. FABULOUS idea!!! We love doing this as well – it’s just a great game. For all ages 🙂

  9. Oh I love I Spy as do my children! Great photo’s!

  10. This is GREAT game! Not just the cognitive stimulus for language, but the visual perceptual tasks involved, and, my favorite, parents and children interacting.

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