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/s/ vocabulary for 3rd graders

I came across an incredible resource last spring: Flocabulary (no, I am not endorsed by this site at all but if they contact me, I’d be happy to test out all of their products!). At the time, they had free lists of key vocabulary that children at each grade level should learn–a sample can be found here. The website sells printed and digital instructional materials to help children learn vocabulary through rap music, workbooks, and videos.

I used the free vocabulary lists to design articulation sentences for several grade levels.

The following is a printable list of my /s/ vocabulary sentences I plan on using with 3rd grade level students who struggle with articulation and/or vocabulary:

3rd grade /s/ vocabulary from Flocabulary

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  1. Wow what a great resource for artic sentences! Thanks for sharing the ones you made.

  2. That’s great! I love incorporating vocabulary that students should know at each age into artic therapy. Thanks for the website!

  3. Woo! Thanks for the “list” and link too, very helpful for our household and my boy- 6 years old on the spectrum. You’re fantastical, I appreciate all you do ๐Ÿ™‚ A childs words are quite a blessing when they start to talk in sentences around the age of 3~

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