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More Parts

I’m not a huge Valentine’s fan.

Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some chocolate. But Professor X and I don’t go out and do anything. No romantic get aways. No romantic candle-lit dinners. I’ve forbidden flowers.

When he is feeling well enough, he does do some special things for me.

This year I woke up to this awesome heart garland on the door and 3 special recipes in mugs (cinnamon roll in a mug, french toast in a mug, and nutella lava cake in a mug).  Here are some of the other surprises he’s done for me when he’s had the energy.

I don’t do many Valentine’s themed activities at school either. Instead, I followed my super logic… Valentine’s –> hearts–> heart pumping blood –> body parts

Body parts! My theme for February is Body Parts! Which of course, means I need to do “More Parts” by Tedd Arnold. This book is an adorable way to teach and talk about idioms related to body parts.

So I just had to create a unit to go with this book. But the beauty of this unit is that it works just as well without the book! 😉

Unit contents:
Page 2-3: Idiom matching cards.
Page 4: Worksheet. Match idioms to their meanings.

Page 5-6: Draw or write the idioms in a way that makes sense.

Page 7: Toss a penny onto the boy and name idioms.

You can purchase it here!  Remember, it’s great with the book, but works just as well without the book. I hope you like it and have a great Body Parts month! 🙂

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  1. You are a girl after my own heart! I tell my hubby the same things….no need to get all Valentiney on me. I don’t want flowers or any crazy presents. It is the simple things and I would much rather enjoy a surprise throughout the year. I got a chuckle.

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