Polar Bear Night

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Screenshot 2013-12-30 12.01.17Clipart by KLouise DigiArt, JWIllustrations, and EduClips

I first encountered this book when Professor X brought it home from the library. He declared that it was one of the most beautifully illustrated books he had ever seen.

So of course I had to check it out.

The illustration style is actually quite unique and ideal for focusing the reader on the central images of each page. There is no extensive detail, but there is simplicity and clarity.

In this story, the little polar bear awakes, leaves his den, and takes a mid-night walk. He sees sleeping animals, the northern lights, and the moon. Then he returns home peacefully and goes to bed.

Just thinking about the book makes me sleepy. Although that could be due to the fact that I am writing this on a Monday morning…

Speech Therapy Ideas:
1. Practice simple sentences in the singular form: “The seal is sleeping. The whale is sleeping. The mother is sleeping.” and plural forms: “The seals are sleeping. The whales are sleeping.”

2. Practice vocabulary: keen, den, beckons, creeps, wonder, stir, snug.

3. This story makes for a simple retell for younger children. Have your child tell you what happened in the story and where the story takes place.

4. Make a Polar Bear craft. Here are a variety of craft ideas. Work on following directions and retelling directions. Use the idea “hear it, do it, teach it”.

5. Learn more about Polar Bears. Learn about them here and here. Use these facts to make complete sentences and tell these new facts to others.

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  1. Never seen that one before…will def. have to check it out.

  2. Freaked out when I saw you were reviewing this book! Love it, too…

    TOTALLY judged the book by its awesome cover (so Art Deco!) and had to buy — was pleased that the pages lived up to the cover.

    Great recommendation. 🙂

  3. Oh fun! My Little Big Guy loves Polar Bears right now so this will be fabulous! Thanks for linking the crafts too – great idea!

  4. Sounds like a great bedtime story!

    Oh, and I LOVE your new header!!!

  5. I love neat…unique books for Noah…I think it keeps his attention better…I’ll have to grab this one from the library

  6. I was gonna be all smart ass as usual and say polar bears, Santa hat in your banner, your moms Christmas tree, you do know it’s almost February right?… but you went and got all Chinese New Year on me, so it’s not as funny anymore. 😉

    I love looking into all of your recommendations, thanks for doing what you’re doing.

  7. Sounds great! I’m going to see if we can get that through our library. Thanks for the speech tips too!!

  8. Don’t you just live wintertime books…okay and spring and summer and fall. Okay I love them all! This is one I’ll watch for!

  9. Love, love, love the new header! Aren’t you fancy. And – I totally don’t know how to say it in Korean, so I’ll say it in Mandarin. Xin nian kuai le!!!!!

  10. Your blog is fascinating. I have a mild autistic boy.

  11. Nice vocab words! My daughter loves polar bears, so this would be a lot of fun!

  12. Ooh, I’ll check this out!
    It’s sad when the kids get older and you don’t know it when great books like this come out. I always enjoyed them as much as the little ones!

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