Overlooking all faults

Gosh, I hope Super Grandma isn’t reading this…When my mother paved the way for Monstrosi-trees in the family, my husband and I said, “WHAT?!”

A fake tree? And it doesn’t even pretend to look real?

And it costs how much?

But this year, I finally learned to appreciate Super Grandma’s tree. Even with the top section of lights out.

Because when you have a well-lit tree, and a gorgeous West Coast sunset, all faults can be over-looked.


(I am ecstatic to report that I actually took this picture and did not manipulate the colors, exposure, contrast, etc with photo software. This is the actual photo. Go me!)

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  1. Gorgeous!! Far better than any tree photos I took this year. See what you can accomplish when locked inside for far too long?

  2. Beautiful! I love it!! I would love that picture on my wall!!

    Thanks for sharing… and happy Friday!


  3. Heck yeah Go you! That is a gorgeous shot!
    Nicely done.

  4. GO YOU, fer shore! This is beautiful!!


  5. Wow, what a gorgeous shot. Added bonus that it is the straight from the camera shot. Kudos.

    I have sort of been waning a fake tree, but then I always wondered what would happen if the lights went out. I now have my answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Very pretty… and you don’t have to sweep up all of the needles. My favorite part!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Great job…

  8. I wouldn’t know it was fake, if only you had not told us…

    it’s beautiful.

  9. That’s a beautiful photo. The colors are amazing.

  10. woot woot for you! and, even with the top out, the sunset makes it so beautiful that it just doesn’t matter. how fab!

  11. I, too, have come over to the dark side and invested in fake trees. In the plural. But I’ve never had a photo of one turn out so well.

  12. It is a gorgeous tree!! Yes, the fake trees are not my fave either, but they are a lot less maintenance once they are set up.

  13. GO YOU! That photos rocks! In fact, if I haven’t already, which I may have, please grab my capture award button from my blog. You have done a great job with this photo!

    Our tree is fake too, for 5 years now. I love it and will never go back to a real one again.

  14. Go you!
    We bounce back & forth between fake & real. No reason other than what I decide I want to do that year. Gosh, I love being in charge of that type of stuff!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous. Wish I was sitting beside the tree with a nice cup of hot cider!!! Well done!

  16. The photo is beautiful! I would rather have the fake tree, but Big R say no way in…well you get the picture! So I have to deal with all the pine needles, the sap all over, etc, etc, etc.! LOL!

  17. Go you is RIGHT. That is stunning, especially with that backdoor scenery! I think that should be a Christmas card!!

  18. Beautiful! I love the sunset behind it too, great photo :).

  19. um yeah GO YOU! That photo is fantastic!!

  20. That is an awesome picture! I wish I had a view like that for my Christmas tree. Great job! ;o)

  21. Where does this Supergrandma live and when can she have me over for dinner? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. That is beautiful…

  23. That is an amazing tree. Never seen one that looks that nice outside of a department store.

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