Non-Academic Goals

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I’ve learned that when I really want my kids to learn something on my time line, I need to set a goal and intercede.

This Speech Pathologist mommy established several non-academic goals for The Flash before he started Kindergarten. I hope someone out there gets my obsessive type of humor. ๐Ÿ™‚

It seems appropriate that today, on his first day of Kindergarten, I should share his progress.

Goal 1: The Flash will introduce himself to strangers without prompts in 90% of trials.
Progress : The Flash can introduce himself with minimal prompts once he begins, however, he still needs extensive prompting to initiate a conversation.

Goal 2: The Flash will independently tie shoes with no prompts in 90% of opportunities.
Progress : This goal was met! We did a sink or swim learning method (also used by us in potty training and in “cough cough” swimming) and bought him new tie shoes. We gave away his velcro shoes. We told him that he must attempt tying each lace before we would help him.

Oh, and we used this visual to walk him through the process.

Goal 3 : The Flash will voluntarily choose chapter book read-alouds at night in lieu of picture books in 5 out of 7 nights of the week.
Progress : This summer we read The Tale of Despereaux, Stuart Little, The Wizard of Oz, My Father’s Dragon, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Do you think he met his goal? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Goal 4 : The Flash will put his face in the swimming pool water when asked by the swim instructor or his parent in 100% of trials.
Progress : I am thrilled to report that after a few breath-holding moments, this goal was met in August. Go Flash! He now will even wear his goggles in the bath and demonstrate his skill.

Goal 5 : The Flash will ride a 2 wheeled bike (no training wheels) without any help.
Progress : Goal met. Two days after receiving his new awesome dirt bike, he was riding around the block. One week later he was riding laps and laps and laps around our campsite.

Goal 6 :The Flash will stand up to use the bathroom in at least 50% of opportunities.
Progress : Goal not met ๐Ÿ™ He still hates standing up and will take off his shoe and pants whenever he uses the bathroom. I’m hoping that peer pressure will alter this one. Mostly because I’m tired of how long it takes him to put his shoes and pants back on!

Goal 7 : The Flash will independently buckle himself into his car seat with no prompts or reminders in 90% of opportunities.
Progress : This goal was nearly met. He will buckle himself in independently except when he is very tired or in a bad mood. He needs reminders 10% of the time to hurry up.

A good goal is measurable, has a specific time period, and clearly states the intended action. Ideally a goal is challenging, but attainable within the given time period.

How did I (as a totally unbiased parent) do with my goal writing?

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  1. I think those are great goals that every kid needs. I can’t tell you how hard it is ton convience parents that their child needs to learn self-help skills. Even at a young age of 2. Even twos can do simple task like take off their own shoes. Many of my parents feel that their 4 year old is too young to handle that!

    Flash is certainly ready for big world that awaits him!

  2. Gracie still can’t tie her shoes…well…to be honest she doesn’t have many that tie. I’ve got to get on that one!

  3. Hehe, we just learned about how to write goals. Those sound like great ones to me!

  4. I’m still cracking up about your Bossy-style photo. Loved this post! I, for one, believe this style shall be your niche.

  5. Aidan has to strip from the waist down and sit to go potty too.

  6. We are still working on shoelace tying and two wheel bike riding. I am going to try using your visuals for the shoe tying.

    Congrats on all the successes so far.

  7. Oh no… I didn’t get the tie the shoe memo. When do kids need to master that by?

    I need to start some own goals of mine.

  8. Are you sure you don’t have those super powers already?! Maybe I should start writing my goals down like that…hmmm, you’ve given me some ideas.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I found yours to be delightful.

  9. Totally great post–the academic portion is only one part of true success in life–and I believe social skills to be even more a factor in future success. I need to try this with my kids. Thanks!

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