Empowering kids to speak up

We had our first yard sale this weekend.

The Flash and Marvel Girl were excited to sell lemonade and cookies (and keep the money). So excited that The Flash created signs and taped them to stakes in the ground.

This one says “stop cars” and shows a car stopping in front of our house.

Unfortunately, the kids are petrified of talking to most adults.

But The Flash likes money. Quite a bit. And his love of money helped him to overcome his fears. That and hiding behind his mother and speaking to the ground. He insisted that I hold his hand and walk up to the people. He lost a lot of potential customers because he didn’t say anything before they walked away.

I’ve re-enacted this scene a la bossy-style:

And if someone was enamored with their cuteness, they bolted to the lemonade and cookies to serve.

I’d like to say that practicing this sales routine over and over empowered and emboldened them. But at the end of two days, their confidence was only raised slightly. I am sure, however, that helping them through this repeated routine was helpful.

On Saturday night I heard them in their beds practicing aloud.
“Excuse me, would you like to buy some lemonade or cookies?”
They were so. darn. cute.

Oh well. Maybe next year.

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  1. They were practicing? Oh how cute! I am sure their day did produce more self confidence!

  2. Excuse me while I pick myself up off of the floor over here. (laughing… still laughing) It doesn’t help that you come directly after “i am bossy” in my Google Reader.

  3. What doesn’t kill them makes them stronger.

    Or at least that’s what I told them when they were in their teens and wondering why I made them do this or that. 😉

  4. That is so sweet that they were practicing.

  5. What a great story! Oh how I love this!
    Wonderful. And I’d buy whatever they were selling!

  6. Almost forgot! I’m excited that you’re blog partying tomorrow! I’ve got my party shoes laid out and my give- aways are ready! See ya then!

  7. Aww. I love that they remembered what they were supposed to say and were practicing. I bet they learned a lot, damnit!

  8. Aww that is just too sweet about them practicing!

  9. Okay, now you made cough syrup come shooting out of my nose from laughing while under the influence of bronchitis. Awesome.

  10. How sweet. If you want, my kids could share their lemonade peddling secrets with yours. I’ve never seen kids so willing to work their money makers. They were waving, girating, whistling, and catcalling (all in a very innocent, happy child way) to the tune of over 10 bucks! I’m making my kids work our corner more often. =)

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