Something’s fishy here

This is what you get when you have no money left in your “going out” envelope, but you want to celebrate your kids’ fantastic swimming accomplishments.

They BOTH put their heads under water on the same day!

Going out? Too expensive.

A fishy sundae? Priceless.


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  1. I think maybe you DO have super powers…that idea is inspired!!

  2. Loved this swim story, CC!!! Although we tried that same technique with the Tongginator and the pool this summer. It… ummm… didn’t work for us, but I’m glad it worked well for y’all. The Flash looks like he’s doing swimmingly.

  3. Very creative, and I bet the children enjoyed it just as much as going out somewhere.

    And huge congratulations on getting the heads beneath the water – it took my 3 year old about 4months of lessons before she would do it!

  4. I’d eat everything but those Swedish fish – so gross~

    I’m sure the kiddos loved it!

  5. Great idea, looks awesome. Oh and putting their heads underwater is def worth celebrating. My kids have yet to do that.

  6. What a great accomplishment and a wonderful celebration that teaches them that it does not have to cost a lot to mean a lot!!!! YEAH!!!!

  7. And probably every bit as memorable! You’re so creative with these kinds of things ~ what a great idea!!

  8. Awesome. You know what, we have moved to an all cash envelope for groceries and going out too. At the end of the month…

    Uggh! I hear you!

  9. Hey…those “celebrations” are the ones that make memories. You are a great mama. 😉

    And man that looks yummy!

  10. Woo Hoo! That’s awesome and the prize, even better! It looks yummy and I really like how the photo turned out.

  11. I could use one of those fishy sundaes right now! That looks fantastic! :o)

  12. I like that idea a lot. I love celebrating things in small ways like that.

    Good food photo too.

  13. Yahooo! Great for them! A year of swimming lessons and the older one won’t do it! and the younger one won’t even go in a kiddie pool… but we haven’t lost hope yet!

  14. How wonderful (for the kids)! The fish sundae was such a creative idea, too.

  15. I love LOVE this idea CC. And we all know frugal ain’t the f word! YUM. O.

  16. LOL, I often put sweets on ice-cream for the kids.

  17. sometimes that is all kids need…and they always seem to remember, too.

  18. Great job kids and cool sundae!

  19. I love sundaes. I hate swedish fish. Fortunately, it was not made for me. The picture is very eye catching. I swear those fish are looking at me.

  20. thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Congrats to your kiddos!

  21. I can relate to this completely as it is a holiday weekend and we are trying to be creative. What can we do free and fun?? lol
    Thanks for checking out my blog!
    I get it, you want your own super hero cape?? (-:

  22. Awesome! I think creativity is at its best when there is nothing left in the “envelope.”

  23. Sooo true! Great idea too.

    I actually considered going into Speech, but I realized what a great field it was just a little too late – I could have put off my degree for another year, but you know…by that time I had to graduate and start earning all that teacher pay! I quit teaching about 3 years ago to stay home with my bonus babies – last chance!

  24. Sometimes the homemade treats hold more memories. And they’re just as good. Our kids love making s’mores around a campfire for a treat.

  25. Yummy!

    I attempted to make gummy snacks once — never again. It was a disaster. As was my attempt to make chewing gum. That was not pretty either.

    Of course, your sundae looks wonderful. I could dive right in.


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