It was a dark and spooky morning

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It was a dark and spooky morning.

Super Woman stumbled into her tiny classroom and made a monumental decision. For the first time all year, she would make a pot of coffee. And not just any coffee. A special peppermint, holiday blend recently acquired from the store.

She sat down at her beloved MacBook and started reading blogs work email to cheer herself up.

Suddenly, it happened.

There was a thump, followed by a deafening howl. The dark liquid trickled through the keys and stained the desk. The sticky texture contaminated the entire region of the classroom. And the odor? The sweet, sweet smell of coffee will forever remind Super Woman of that horrid morning when tragedy struck–when she lost both her caffeine and her computer.

The end.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! Fitting for Friday the 13th, though!

    Hope you can replace it soon!!

  2. Oh no!!! Hope the rest of your day was okay… 🙂

  3. No way!!!! I am SO sorry! Those super powers would have definitely come in handy right about then I bet. darn it!

  4. What a horrifying story! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  5. My heart is racing! That’s the most frightening horror story EVER TOLD.

    Are you okay?

    I would not be okay.

    I would be in mourning.

    I would be wearing black.

    For the rest of my life.

  6. Nooooooooooooo.


    Somethings just stink.

  7. Oh no! That is a terrible story! But very well told. I think there would have been a lot more than just howling at my house if that had happened. Some of those words probably shouldn’t be repeated while other people are listening though.
    I will mourn you computer with you. And your lovely flavored coffee as well.
    I finally have my Photo Story up if you’d like to stop by.

  8. Oh no .. not the macbook. My macbook is like my 5th child I love it. I hope you can recover yours or Santa brings you a new one.

  9. Exact thing happen to me and my netbook – thank goodness it was a netbook and I replaced it for $150.

    What a horrible, horrible memory.

  10. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear. What nightmare. I really hope you were able to save your computer somehow.

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