Slam dunk that Dryer Ball!

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I go back to work in two days. TWO DAYS?! And although I’m certainly ready for The Flash to begin school again, I’m not quite as sure about myself.

More specifically, I’m not confident that I’m ready to get up at 5am every morning after a summer of sleeping in. I’ll be getting up especially early for the next few months because I’ve decided to go through the P90x program.

I have completed my summer to do list:
-paint trim throughout the living room
-make 2008 photo album (really happy with the results from Picaboo!)
-read at least one book (see sidebar for books read this year)
-grow tomatoes successfully
-go to the gym daily (when not on vacation)
-shop great deals

I am feeling good about my shopping ventures. I bought items for my classroom, my students, the holiday food baskets, and many freebies for my co-workers.

I’m particularly excited about finding cheap dryer balls. For several years Professor X has used dryer balls as sensory stimulation to help cope with his pain. We have hypothesized that dryer balls would be the perfect fidget for my students with sensory needs. Thanks to Dollar Tree, I have 10 inexpensive balls with which to test my hypothesis. The hard spikes and difficult to deform materials seem ideal tools for stimulating pressure points on the palms, arms and other areas of skin. As an added bonus, they do not bounce, so kids are less likely to spend class time dribbling them.

Wish me luck on my new ventures. Maybe soon I’ll be jumping high enough from my new exercise program to dunk the dryer balls?

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  1. Good luck with the transition. As of yet I have no job and am becoming sort of okay with that.

  2. Your creativity constantly amazes me, CC. Good luck with the start of the school year! (Oh, and I have a blog friend that I think just moved to your neck of the woods.)

  3. Yay, so glad you had a great Summer and completed so many tasks! I hope you have a great school year too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Good luck!
    So … does that mean your tomatoes are actually red?! Ours are still green … we’ve got one JUST starting to turn!

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