It should have been made with unicorn hair

Several weeks ago The Flash came to me in tears.

(This needs to be read in the whiniest voice possible) “Mommmmmmmmy… you aren’t going to the school auction so you aren’t going to buy the necklace I made.”

I reassured him that although mommy is too cheap wasn’t going to attend the auction, I could have a friend buy it for me. He was satisfied.

The auction was a great success. I mean, really great. They raised $30,000 dollars for the school. And now I know how this public school with 40% of the students on free/reduced lunch raised so much money.


This pretty necklace (which my own son made by-the-way) cost me $40.


As in $35 more than any other jewelry I ever wear.

And if every first grade student whined their way into having their necklace purchased, the school raised $2000 on beaded necklaces made by six year olds.

To make the situation worse, The Flash claimed ownership over my new forty dollar necklace. He swiped it while I was taking a shower and slept with it the first night we had it home.

Then begged to wear it to school the next day.

The second evening, he took it from my hands and played with it while I washed dishes.

And then…

He. Broke. It.

Half the beads scattering on the ground. The clasp missing. And everyone yelling and in tears.

I still get shivers of anger when I think about the breakage. Luckily, Professor X was eventually able to string it back together and fix the clasp.

And now The Flash owes me. Big time.

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  1. Gorgeous necklace though! Glad you were able to fix it. I think I would have been in tears myself.

  2. The Flash owes you at least $35 dollars. 🙂 I have a similar story about a bracelet Laura made in Kindergarten that cost me a bundle. What IS up with THAT?

    The necklace is FAB though. FAB!

  3. Great necklace. I LOVE that he slept with it. IT’s also probably the priciest toy you’ve ever purchased as well:).

  4. Those people at PTA are smart. My school does the same thing–sells artwork made my our children–and my kids have had to learn that their mommy is too cheap to buy anything more than the $8 painting-made-into-a-magnet. It’s a great way to make money, but sort of cruel too. I mean, what about the families that can’t afford to buy anything at all? Poor kids!

    I’m glad your hubby is fixing your/your son’s necklace. It’s pretty!

  5. Love the necklace but $40 boy that would bug me too.

  6. Oh, that’s hilarious! I do feel for the kids whose folks can’t buy everything– I’m glad those who could donated generously!

  7. The things we do for our kids. I know I spend more on mine that I would dream of spending on myself.
    BTW, low the Ward quote.

  8. $30,000!!! Holy crap, that is A LOT of money for a school fund-raiser. Glad Professor X could put it back together again.

    Happy Mother’s Day,

  9. I know, totally feels like extortion! You should have heard the kids while we were making the necklaces, “why do we have to buy something we made?”. Awkward! I did try to talk them down on the price…

  10. What a stroke of luck to have found you. I came over from the fifty factor. I liked your blog name, and now I see you are a speech pathologist!

    I am a homeschooler now, but am thinking of going back to school to complete the M.S. I began before my first child in speech pathology.

    This is wonderful. I enjoy your blog, and consider myself blessed to have found out.

    Pleasure to meet you.

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