New adventure???

For the first time ever, my husband and I may be selling a home. Our “starter home” was only supposed to be for the first 5 years. But we didn’t count on the busyness of kids. And the huge change that disability takes on your lives, incomes, and resources. So it’s been 11 years now.

Inspired by a conversation with Katie, I started calling realtors. We are currently “interviewing” realtors to even see if this really is a possibility.

I’m thrilled at the thought of being in a home with a second bathroom. And maybe in a neighborhood with kids. Maybe even a garage!

I’m terrified that we’ll sell and there will be no one-story homes on the market in the areas that I would like to buy. What do we do if that happens? Where do we live? What if we end up with something worse than our current home?

Advice? Encouragements? Thoughts on how to sell a home for a great price without doing major upgrades would all be appreciated!!


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  1. How exciting… and a little scary, I’d imagine all at the same time. It would be awesome for you guys to have a bigger home so I’m cheering you on and hoping for the very best.

    From my real estate days my best advice to sell is CLEAN and CLEAR OUT– Make your home look as big as possible, even if it looks a bit “bare” to you. Buyers want to see space!

    Keep us posted. xo jj

  2. Good luck! How exciting.

    Yes, you need to pare down and have fresh paint–that’s worth the investment. People want move-in ready. I actually got a great deal on my house because I could see through the cosmetic issues. Most people can’t.

  3. We moved last year (a week before Christmas – not recommended!). It’s so nice to have two bathrooms! I agree with both of the other commenters – clear the clutter and paint! Good luck to you!!

  4. Joanna’s right–clean and clear! our realtor suggested renting a storage unit, which we did, and we filled it with ALL the off-season stuff, making our starter house look twice as big.
    Good luck with this new adventure!

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  6. Wow! How exciting … and, yes, scary! So easy to buy when you don’t own … but selling and buying is a whole other story! We’re still in the same home we bought when we were newly married and without kiddos too. It seems, sometimes, that our space has shrunk! 🙂 But, we love our neighborhood, and the greenspace behind our home. Hard to give that up. Good luck!!!

  7. You can do it! Hopefully the timing will work out just right and you will get into a great new home! I know how nerve wracking it is!

  8. There are many ways to target selling a house. 1) I’ve heard to make it as plain as possible to allow buyers to “see themselves” in the house without your stuff all out and about (family pics etc). Option 2) make the house appear very homey with family pictures, like there is a story behind it (which I am sure there is!) I have moved over 18 times in my life so I have seen my parents buy and sell houses. My best advice is to keep the house as “neat” as possible, but still lived in. I personally liked option 2 when my husband and I were looking at houses to buy. I liked the idea of knowing our house had a good story before us!

  9. That is so exciting!!!!!

    Listen, you don’t HAVE to buy a house just because it is available. The fun part of looking is just that. You are just looking. You don’t have to be invested until you fall in love with a house. Because you already have a place to live you have the right to be picky.

    I think it is all very exciting!!!!

    Keep us posted! And good luck! 🙂

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