A Working Mom’s Cleaning Schedule

As you can possibly imagine, I’m a wee-tiny-itty-bit busy.

Although my husband is technically a “Stay at Home Dad”, his chronic illness/disability keeps him in bed most of the day.

So we live on one income, and have essentially one person taking care of the home, chores, etc. That would be me.

I’ve seen, created, and thought up innumerable cleaning plans to keep my home semi-organized and myself sane. Many of them rely on cleaning throughout the week and then taking the weekend off. This is just not possible for me. I get home at 5:30 or later, make dinner, clean up from dinner, shower, make lunches, and then get everyone to bed. There is no time slot for cleaning in there.

Here is what works for us. For now. Keep in mind that this mainly works because the kids help with a number of chores. And I have EVERY intention of having them do more and more as they get older (Cuz I’m lazy like that. )  to help teach them responsibility and how to care for their own homes one day.

Download it here

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  1. good plan. I’m still trying to figure that one out too. My hubby helps, but he’s gone a lot for work and Queen Teen has a hard time helping with chores, so it mostly falls to me. I spend waaaaaaaay too much of my so called “free time” cleaning!

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