Letter of the week stories "P"

A few weeks ago I started supplementing my Letter of the Week in Circle time with a book. I tried to find books containing extremely basic concepts that were easily adaptable for low-tech Augmentative Communication. I wanted to focus on the vocabulary goals of my students: names, colors, shapes, toys, and foods. After briefly searching online, I decided it would just be easier to create my own.

So, here was my first creation: My Pumpkin is So Orange (by yours truly!). For P week of course! But I could probably use it for O week as well. Or Halloween week. Or whatever.

I made a Go Talk communication board to go along with the book. Students try to say/match the shape on each page with the help of the Communication board.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting activities for the Go Talk!! This is a lifesaver!! Keep ’em coming! haha


  2. Thank you for the awesome activity! As a new SLP working with children who use AAC, I am especially grateful!

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