Book Club Reminder Plus Bonus Gift Card!

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Remember our first SLP Book Club will occur right here on this blog on 2/25. That’s only 12 days away!

Try to read one (or more) of the following books to discuss (Amazon affiliate links):



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  1. Linda Sheffler says:

    Just finished Paperboy (listened to the audiobook, which made it especially interesting). Starting Black Swan Green…thanks for organizing this!

    1. I loved Paperboy!! How about you? I listen to a lot of my books as well although not these ones.

  2. Carla Evans says:

    I just finished Paperboy too! I loved it. Ready to start another. Do you have a recommendation for which one I read next?

    1. Read Out With It next 🙂

  3. I enjoyed Paperboy. I actually got to meet him and listen to him give a keynote luncheon address a couple of years ago. He is really amazing. Also got my copy signed 🙂

    1. That sounds awesome!!!

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