The Lunar Beasts

Once upon a time, there was a village deep within the woods. Only, it wasn’t a village, it was a school. And it wasn’t in the woods, it was quite urban. In fact, it wasn’t even upon a time, it was yesterday.

But (and this part is true) there was a full-moon. And that was all that was needed to bring out the beast in the villagers.

The first villager affected by the lunar cycle, vehemently disdained the chance to play a speech game. Upon seeing his neighbor playing said game, the beast was born. It roared. It showed it’s claws. It heaved the game upon the ground. Multiple times. It swore. It cursed. It was removed from the village by two village leaders.

But the beast still lay in wait in the villagers’ eyes. During the fireside daily ritual, he began to make eerie noises. These noises were strangely addicting, and other villagers began the noise-making as well. Soon, the entire village was filled with haunting, screeching cries.

The beasts were temporarily contained when they left for their mid-day meal.

But there were more villagers to be affected by the moon. Many more.

The next one inflicted by the curse, climbed upon the tables. He yelled words of hate such as, “This is dumb,” and even worse, “I hate this.” The traditional village consequences were ineffective. The villager was forced to spend an eternity (or until he finished his work) in the room he so despised.

The day was almost over. The remainder of the residents were safe. Or so we thought…

One more had yet to be transformed. The change was sudden and complete. He breathed fire from his boisterous mouth. He attacked the innocent walls. He proclaimed that village life was “the stupidest thing ever”.

And then the day was done.

The full moon rose high in the sky.

The village leaders rejoiced, for the lunar cycle was to begin anew.

Tomorrow would be a better day. It had to be.

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  1. At least you’ll have two days now to recuperate at home!! Sounds like a rough day. Your creative juices obviously didn’t sustain much damage ~ this was a great read!

  2. BwwwaaaaHaHaHaHa! Glad to hear you kept the wolves at bay, despite the tough day.

  3. Yeah. No joke. Bad day or not it seems like your creativeness wasn’t hurt at all.

    BTW. Lola dropped her plate this morning and was so startled by the crash she jumped. After school she complained about how loud everyone was. Incredible.

  4. Yes – that full moon brings out the beast. This was a cute story – hope you have a good weekend – Kellan

  5. That is the thing i miss the least about teaching.
    Oh and the week before Christmas.
    The village leaders tremble.

  6. Oh no! The infection is spreading – the beast is here too! I wonder if silver would work…

  7. Great story … and how true it is that the full moon can bring out the beast in us all.

    Although when I was teaching pre-school I would dread going to work on windy days. The wind seemed to unsettle them even worse.

  8. We had a full moon experience at our village ALL week as well! Was go glad for Friday to get here.
    BTW, I see you have two babes from S. Korea. One of my real life blogger friends has just adopted their third child from S.Korea. They just returned with him this week. Check out their story at Heart and Seoul. You can access is through my site on left side of blog.

  9. The beast comes out every now and again eh.

  10. Ah, yes! The strangely addicting eerie noise. I remember it well!

  11. AND, I had TWO observations on that day. Yeah-huh.

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