Gifts for me, minus the me part

My birthday present in 06: A new trike for the Flash

Because of this:

My Mother’s Day present in 08: A new trike for The Flash

Because of this:

Why does all the cash meant for pampering me end up on the kid’s bike????

Especially after receiving a gift from my son which includes this statement:
“This is my mom and me.”
Wow. Is that on one of my good hair days?

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  1. I love the hair . . .

    Ever since J, my money will never be mine again. And the little extra I had yesterday to treat myself was spent on socks for J, books for J, a Elmo puppet for J.

    Hmmm, “Why does all the cash meant for pampering me end up on the kid’s bike????” I guess because the joy you get is well worth losing the pampering . . .

  2. I nearly spat my tea across the computer. Not just the mad hair, but the crazy eyes.

    I can’t believe they run the risk of not giving you lovely pampering you deserve if that’s the end result.

    You need to take charge and make sure the bike gets broken just ahead of… Fathers’ Day.

  3. Haha, don’tcha love kids’ drawings of their parents? Up until quite recently, I only had three spikes of hair on my head and my ramrod straight (and wicked long) arms and legs just poked out of my egg-shaped head. Now, it seems you and I look quite similar!!

  4. I got money too, towards my CC bills- the CC i use to pamper my girles. 🙂 And by pamper I mean keep in style , keep in books and keep in fun things(see my Spring posts)to do!

  5. You poor thing! Another bike bites the dust, huh? Maybe you can “break your computer” around Christmas? Or the Flash’s birthday? Grandma is always good for some presents for him, isn’t she? 😉

  6. Love The Flash’s rendering of his Mommy! And I’m the same way when it comes to using my gift money on the kids. For my birthday last year I bought cloth diapers…sweet!

  7. I live for these pictures. You should see mine. “Mommy, that’s your hairy eyes.” What?

  8. lol it sounds like we get similar presents for Mother’s Day. lol I love the hair. My daughter drew a picture of me with hips the size of the US. Very disappointing.

  9. Love the portrait of you!!!! You should see the Tongginator’s rendition of my nose — “Momma, it’s just like a big triangle” (and the sad thing is — she’s right!). LOL.

  10. You look pretty hot in that drawing! I love kids artwork. Too Freakin cute.

  11. HA HA HA. I love the drawing. Several years ago my son drew a picture of me. It was so detailed he even included the red dots that are my perpetual acne. He made sure to point that detail out to me, he was so proud of it.

    You are a really good mommy to give your celebration money to your kid’s bike fund.

  12. That drawing is great.

    I hope you’re enjoying the bikes. Do the kids at least give you a turn riding on them?

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