Two Lips

What flowers are also on your face?



And, The Flash’s “up close and personal” picture:


I can’t grow zucchini, pumpkins, or strawberries. But as for dandelions, moss, and tulips….
I’m your gal!

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  1. Dandelions, moss, and tulips are three of my favorites! Perfect!

  2. I need to take some pics of my tulips as they are the first I’ve ever grown, but man are they short!

  3. the second photo rocks

    thankyou for sharing
    great photo friday

  4. ohh – nice. I don’t grow anything! I’d welcome any tulip tips!

  5. Ha ha! I haven’t heard that one before. Nice photos! I’ve just pruned back my roses for the winter!

  6. Love the first two shots! I guess I need some pics of our pretty flowers before the HOT southern weather comes in and cooks them all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I’m good with a wild violet too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I threaten my hubby when he wants to put down weed killer.

  8. I love tulips, and am a little jealous that you can grow them. My expertise ends at dandelions.

  9. Two lips…ahhh you’re killing me.
    It might be the allergy medication, but I’m giving you the credit, ‘kay?

  10. Hahahaha.. I get the joke..

    And that top photo is killer! like win a contest killer. am photo stumbling it!!!

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