Auctionable Cookies. Month 11.

Yes, I really did wait until the last day of the month to deliver this month’s cookies to the auction winner.

Yes, I did fall back to an old favorite because I was stumped for ideas and it was getting late at night and the kids were nagging me for “COOKIES!”.

And yes, I did sign up to do this again for next year because the school auction is tomorrow and I had no other ideas.

Glutton for punishment? Or just a glutton? You decide.
Best Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever.
(BTW: They do live up to their name)

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  1. I have not been here in awhile – many apologies – I have been super busy with my kid’s school auction. not sure what you have going on here with the cookie auction – but they look good!

  2. Nothing wrong with a classic. They look yummy!

  3. Oatmeal and chocolate mix can’t have bad taste! Now I’m getting hungry!

  4. Oh my, those look so good.
    I did auctioned off a year of desserts one time, and I was always late. It sounded so easy when I came up with the idea, but taking time to do it was hard!
    And you’re doing it again! Very generous!

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