Gifts, Remebering, and a Flirty Apron review

For Mother’s Day this year I requested two things:
complete car washes (annual gift request)
a Flirty Apron

My husband has a lot of trouble thinking and remembering details. Such as, oh, coupon codes….

So it was with a lump in my throat that I saw the credit card bill and noticed that we were charged full price for my gift, and not the sale price. He said he would contact the company right away to try to get the sale code applied. And, to his credit, he did contact them the next day.

But the company said they cannot retroactively apply sale codes. So I intervened. I begged, pleaded, told my husband’s story, and promised to write a review of the apron. I did not want to have to return my Mother’s Day gift. Thankfully, they agreed to apply the code in return for a review! I apologize in advance, as I have not wanted this to be a review blog.

My gift:

This super cute apron is double layered and contains long, thick ribbons to make it fully adjustable. There are two useful pockets. It is just the right length for my myriad of kitchen spills. My only real complaint is the that ribbons are too long for my smaller size and I will probably have to cut and re-sew them later.

Now, if I can just get my husband to remember to go to the car wash…

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