Top 5 reasons to travel with a wheelchair

We had the “pleasure” of airport travel with Professor X’s wheelchair over winter break. The following summarize why everyone should travel this way.

#5. Lacking hands to pull suitcases or car seats, you have the opportunity to hone your creativity skills. Notice how Professor X used his spatial-awareness skills. His IQ must have jumped ten points from this episode.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.24.51 PM

#4. You get to go in a special security screening line. And to pre-board. Unfortunately, the special security procedures make you late for your flight. Adios pre-boarding.

#3. Daddies in wheelchairs make for comfortable recliners. So comfy, in fact, that little girls may just fall asleep in their laps, further reducing mobility.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.24.56 PM

#2. Airport personnel will insist on “helping” push you through the airport. In spite of protests by both you and your wife–thus reducing your independence even more.

And the number one reason…

#1. Your six year old son will step-up and take on extra responsibilities to help out. Finally .

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.25.02 PM

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  1. LOVE the pic of the Flash pulling the carseat!
    Bet he wore out that plastic bag in NO time:)

  2. You know, I think my Mom still has my sisters wheelchair. I like the recliner idea! Love your positive spin on things.

  3. How I wish I could sleep anywhere like that!!!!

    You do have a way with spinning the positive…love all the shots!

  4. Oh to be able to sleep any which way like a child. I don’t envy you air travel in a chair, sound like a great hassle!

  5. I always thought it was funny how my kids could pretty much fall asleep anywhere….lol. Well, and my husband MIGHT have passed THAT trait down. Maybe.

    I bet it’s very difficult being wheel chair bound going anywhere.

  6. Wow! Traveling with kids and a wheelchair? All you needed was to add pets to that to have have a the perfect trifecta for a storm of frustration!

  7. I love how your wry sense of humor sees you through so much! And I was just like Marvel Girl when I was little – able to sleep anywhere!

  8. I’ve noticed when I take my mom in her wheelchair we get “special” treatment. I like it.

  9. Boy, is she ever out cold on his lap!!! And I love how your little one is helping! 🙂

  10. YEAH for Six Year Old Son.
    Traveling during the holidays is TOUGH! You are a trooper.

  11. Six year olds have so much to offer — you just have to learn to unlock the potential 🙂

    A little bird tells me you might be attempting to take a picture a day this year? True?

  12. Oh the joys! Don’t you love it when people try to “help” in a totally unproductive and even demeaning way. At least they probably meant well.

    Your list made me laugh though. I will have to write a post about the “pleasures” of frosty weather.

  13. I am so sorry that you had such a hard time coming through the airport! Yuck!
    I just took my grandma upstate for several doctor’s appointments. She is at the point in her life that she can’t walk without assistance, she usually has a wheelchair but we opted for just the walker this time. It just makes everything go a little slower.
    I hope the flight was better than the boarding process.

  14. I can’t even imagine what a hassle travel with a wheelchair must be right now!

  15. finding positive things of everything is the best way to make us feel good…

    love this post.

  16. That is great to have a kid step up to the plate like that. I’m not sure my 16 year old would do that no matter how we traveled:)

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